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16 Best WordPress Appointment Plugins for Booking & Reservation Sites

Moeez — January 14, 2020 9 Minutes Read

Running a brick and mortar business is history. Period.

Whether you run a beauty salon or a restaurant , you want to make it easy for your customers to make bookings online. However, maintaining an online booking website is not so easy.

Fortunately, we have WordPress to do the job for us. With the help of more than 50,000 plugins in the repository and many other premium plugins you can easily create almost any type of website. And a booking website is no exception.

I have tracked down all the top WordPress appointment booking plugins so that you can easily maintain an online platform for you customers to book appointments for your services.

Let’s checkout the top WordPress appointment & booking plugins.

1. Segenda

Segenda wordpress appointment plugin

Segenda is a free WordPress appointment plugin that allows you to integrate online booking functionality on your WordPress website. You can have unlimited number of bookings and customers through this plugin and it won’t cost you a penny.

With Segenda, users can choose the time and date for their appointments. Also, the plugin, unlike others, doesn’t display ads so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary ads floating on your website that might annoy your customers.

Users can add either PayPal or a credit card as the payment gateways for payments through this plugin.

2. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar best appointment scheduling plugin for wordpress

Booking Calendar is one of the oldest WordPress scheduling plugins around. It is a free plugin that will enable online bookings on your WordPress website. It also allows your customers to check availability of different time slots, rooms and days.

Once the customer has booked an appointment, you [as website owner] will be able to accept or reject an appointment easily. The design is customizable and can easily blend with the layout of your website.

It is compellingly easy to use. Just install the plugin, insert the shortcode, and you are good to go!

3. Bookings

Bookings wordpress appointment plugin

Bookings is another powerful plugin that allows you to seamlessly integrate online bookings functionality on your WordPress website.

Through it, customers can check availability of your services and products before making a reservation.

Website administrators can set blackout times and restrict bookings. They can also set minimum and maximum time on pre-resource basis. Administrator can manage an unlimited number of resources which can be turned on and off from the admin panel.

4. Appointment Calendar

Appointment Calendar appointment booking WordPress Plugin
Appointment Calendar is an effective WordPress booking plugin. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, lawyer, a beautician, or any other service provider, you can use this plugin to integrate online bookings functionality on your website.

The plugin is multilingual.You can easily edit your booking calendar from the WordPress admin panel.
It provides a notification to the website administrators upon a successful online booking. It also blocks appointments on specific times of the day.

5. WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar WordPress plugin

WP Simple Booking Calendar is perfect for those who are looking to rent out their homes. The plugin will display the availability of your rooms, houses, office spaces, and even the equipment that you want to rent.

It is the best free booking plugin for WordPress that is easy to install and run on your WordPress website.

Pricing Plan:

The pro version offers features like custom legend items and advanced editing and publishing options and it costs just $29.

6. Booking Calendar Contact Form

Booking Calendar Contact Form WordPress reservation plugin
Booking Calendar Contact Form is the best free booking plugin for WordPress that lets your website visitors book appointments and reserve meetings with you and your business. Your visitors have the option to select both date and the time of their meeting and reservations.

The plugin is free which means there is no cost for you or your visitors when they are booking an appointment with you. This WordPress booking plugin also lets you manage an unlimited number of bookings and appointments.

The plugin doesn’t display ads which means your visitors won’t be seeing distracting ads while they are booking their meetings or appointments.

It is extremely easy to install and requires no technical knowledge to configure.

7. WP Hotel Booking

MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin

As the name suggests, the plugin is designed for hotel bookings and reservations. The WordPress booking plugin is a paid solution for hotel owners to take their bookings online. It creates beautiful accommodations solutions and enables instant online booking.

Not only hotels, but the plugin can also be used for bed and breakfast, apartments, hostels and more. The plugin is ideal for hotel owners who are busy managing their hotels and services that they don’t have time to manage their bookings manually.

The best part is, you don’t need to be technically sound to install this plugin. In just a few clicks, you will be able to install and configure this plugin through shortcodes.

  • Some amazing features include:
  • Online Search Availability Form
  • Accommodation Details
  • Bookings Calendar
  • Seasonal Pricing
  • Variety of Rates
  • Weekly and Monthly Rates
  • Booking Multiple Accommodations

8. MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin

MotoPress WordPress appointment plugin

Hotel Booking Plugin, as the name suggests, is dedicated to hotel booking websites. It is a 360-degree solution to manage all hotel bookings and accommodation listings.

It can be used for booking hotels, apartments, hostels, and bed and breakfast places. So, if you are looking to rent out hotel rooms on a WordPress website and don’t want to jump through hoops, then Hotel Booking Plugin can cater to all your booking needs.

Through it, customers will be able to search for rooms in real time. They will also be able to browse dates and times and check availability before the booking.

Website administrators can add accommodation details like, images, bed size, internet facility and other features of the room.

Pricing Plan:

Single Site $49
Multi Site $149

9. Event Booking Pro

Event Booking Pro WordPress scheduling booking plugin

Event Booking Pro is a premium WordPress booking plugin that is loaded with awesome features for your booking website.

It comes with multiple currencies so that your customers, regardless of the country they are visiting from, will be able to choose their currency. It also allows you to integrate coupons and gift cards.

Event Booking Pro can be easily integrated with Google maps and Google calendar for accurate location and date information.

Pricing Plan:

Price: $29

10. Booki

Booki WordPress plugin for appointment & online bookings

Booki lets you easily manage online reservations on your WordPress website. You can schedule appointments for events, accommodations, and other similar services.

Its paid version lets you manage unlimited booking projects with the help of unlimited resources. You can confirm or cancel bookings after they are made.

Pricing Plan:

Price: $29

11. BirchPress

BirchPress WordPress scheduler plugins

BirchPress is an effective WordPress booking plugin that lets you professionally integrate booking system on your website. Customers can book appointments and pay via PayPal or credit card.

The plugin allows website administrators to add booking system through a simple shortcode. It also syncs your website with the calendars that you are already using.

Pricing Plan:

Personal plan: $99
Business plan: $199
Business + plan: $249

12. Booked

Booked Appointment Booking Plugin for WordPress

Booked is another premium WordPress booking plugin that allows visitors to purchase appointments through WooCommerce.

It lets you manage your incoming appointment requests through the front-end and also sends them to the calendar that you have integrated with the plugin.

Pricing Plan:

Price: $49

13. Amelia

Amelia WordPress booking plugins

Amelia is an enterprise level WordPress booking plugin. The plugin is simple yet powerful as it offers a host of amazing features. The plugin is ideal for clinics, gyms, salons and other service providers.

The plugin offers a search interface that makes booking much more convenient. People can search for a suitable service, employee and time by using one of the many filters. This results in a more suitable service and time for every user trying to book an appointment.

Amelia also provides an insightful dashboard and reporting so that you can keep a close eye on how your business performs. The plugin tracks crucial financial and conversion related KPIs and presents them in the form of charts in the dashboard.

It also synchronizes with your Google calendar and lets all your employees keep track of their own appointments in their own Google calendars.

Users can also create beautiful catalogs that allow them to present their services in a more presentable manner. The catalog can be created with in a few clicks.

As I have mentioned above that this is an enterprise level WordPress booking plugin, it can handle multiple locations simultaneously. Your business might be operating in different areas of the world and this plugin is powerful enough to manage all the appointments efficiently and effectively.

Of course, a WordPress booking plugin offering so many amazing features won’t come cheap. The plugin costs $49 and if you want to extend support to 12 months, you will have to pay $16.50 extra.

14. Start Booking

Start Booking WordPress schedule plugin

Start Booking brands itself as the “Best WordPress Booking Plugin” for online scheduling. The plugin offers flexible and easy to use booking tools that helps makes booking appointments easy.

The plugin comes with a customer management system that creates custom customer profiles and stores customer data against those profiles. It also maintains a comprehensive appointment history of customers. The customer management system also creates logs and notes for better record keeping. You can view those logs easily and analyze different trends.

The services management allows users to view and assign staff members to each booking. It also creates detailed service notes so that the booking is well defined and doesn’t need much explanation. Further, service duration is defined clearly with the option to include wind down time so that you can prepare for the next appointment.

The plugin allows users to book single and multiple appointments in a single checkout session. You can also view and manage grouped appointments which are sometimes not easy to manage.

Pricing Plan:

Start Booking is relatively cheaper than other WordPress booking plugins. The pricing starts from $7.99/month. It also offers 100% money back guarantee.

15. Bookly

Bookly WordPress booking plugin

Bookly is an online scheduling and WordPress booking plugin. It creates fully customizable booking forms with the ability to pay online, get notifications, and synchronize with Google calendars.

The plugin also offers customer support so that all your issues are resolved quickly. The plugin is also optimized for mobile as it integrates seamlessly with mobile devices and lets your clients book appointments on the go.

Bookly is extremely easy to configure as it offers a user-friendly admin panel. You will also receive notifications on your mobile and email after every booked appointment.

The plugin also supports multiple languages so no matter from which part of the world you have clients coming in, they can book appointments easily.

Integration with many payment systems is available too, Google calendars and WooCommerce makes Bookly one of the best WordPress booking plugins available.

Pricing Plan:

The plugin is, however, expensive as it will cost you $89.

16. Multi Scheduler

Multi Scheduler WordPress reservation plugin

Multi Scheduler is a WordPress reservation plugin. The plugin provides a user-friendly interface which makes it easier to install, setup and configure. It also supports all kinds of service providers including Gyms, clinics, salons, law firms and more. The plugin is very cheap considering the number of features it offers.

Pricing Plan:

In only $19, Multi Scheduler comes with the following features.

  • Multi Booking System
  • Multi-Scheduling System
  • Modern Reporting System
  • Instant Email Notifications
  • Approved & Disapproved Email System
  • Cron job auto scheduler system

Final Words

Having an online presence of your business can amplify your reach and increase your pool of potential customers. However, that is not enough. You should provide them with a platform where they can book appointments for your service with the click of a button.

The WP schedule plugins mentioned in this article are perfect for creating an online booking website with ease.

If you know some great WordPress booking plugin, let us know in the comments.

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