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Finding The Right Niche for Your Blog

Moeez — January 9, 2019 11 Minutes Read

Finding your blogging niche is more of a journey nowadays. Most bloggers make crazy claims that they made up to a $1,000 in a day without telling the entire story. We’re just curious about their blog ideas that make money. What they did to make it that big in a day.

The most important aspect about finding your blogging niche is about knowing what you are good at, and then staying focused towards that and putting in all your efforts into making it work.

In this article, we will discuss blog ideas that make money and the best blog niches. While it is true that not every niche will help you make money, some niches are very ripe for this purpose. Sometimes people seem to miss the point about selecting a niche. As writers and bloggers, we have to associate ourselves in such a way that we do things that please other people only.

A Few Things About Finding a Niche

When thinking about creative blog ideas that make money, some niches are better at making money sooner rather than forcing you to wait endlessly for years for people to really understand what you’re about and then start paying you or spend money for what they think will benefit from you in some way. What is visible, sells.

And, profit is more about popularity instead of passion for the best blog niches. These two analogies might work in conjunction with each other, so you need to find an ideal balance between both to start putting in your passion where the money is.

Take it as a myth that only some blog ideas that make money are good for you. While that is not far from the truth. It is not essential that only the best blog niches will help you gather the big bucks. If you invest enough time, build a good rapport with your followers, and take the initiatives needed to make a blog successful, there is really no reason for you to not taste success.

It is easier said than done. Figuring out blog ideas that make money isn’t easy because of stiff competition. But Rome wasn’t built in a day either. That does not mean you just have to sit and wait for the blog to become a cash cow. It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication.

First Things First – Find Your Passion, or Not

If you try and find the best blog niches, you are probably halfway there, if, and only if, you know that there is a huge following for that genre. If you are passionate about your blogging, you can either make it big or not at all, but that depends on the quality of content you are putting up.

Either this or you can select a niche that is out of your league but you know how to get around it, without it being a passion of yours. Because once it starts to take off, chances are you will end up being passionate about it anyway, once you see the money coming in.

There are lots of examples of blog ideas that make money where people found an opportunity where there wasn’t enough passion but still ended up being passionate about what they were doing. After all, once the big bucks start coming in, there is a lifestyle associated with the good stuff, right?

Know What People Want

Understand what people want in the nick of time is also another name for looking for the best blog niches. It has to be something that is – you think – achievable in less time and something that doesn’t demand a lot of attention. Since we got passion out of the way here, health springs to mind.

One of the best blog ideas that can help you make money is to write about fitness tips, slimming tricks with minimal effort. A body that everyone wants but is too lazy to get. The secret to getting cheaper plane tickets, something like these. Once you tap into the people’s brains, they will be attracted to you.

The best blog niches are already helping people make money and many young bloggers chose a niche that caters towards old people who could achieve flawless skin through herbal products. Even when the bloggers didn’t even know what sort of ingredients were being used, they ended up selling and started gaining popularity and referrals.

Another one of the best blog ideas that helps bloggers make money relates to car enthusiasts. You can provide feedback and reviews on used cars under a particular price range. The best blog niches involve passion and a general need for something like this where people can understand what they are looking for, watch videos of used cars tested, then ask for the blogger’s assistance, pay a small fee and get the car someone finds interest in. Such bloggers later became vloggers, and ended up starting their own channels on YouTube, earning 6-7 figure sums.

Know The Right Niches

Not every blogger out there would be keen to spill the secrets about blog ideas that make money to monetize your passion. If they would start telling everyone about their secrets, who knows, someone else might cash in on their idea or do a better job than them.

There are, however, ways how you can find the proper niche that would not even be interesting to you, but also help you earn fast, hard cash. There are quite a lot of factors to consider when you are about to decide about blog ideas that make money. Being a budding blogger, you can do lots of other stuff other than blogging to earn a few bucks, but then, who is going to fill up the void that you think only you could with your content that to you, is genuine, intuitive and engaging at the same time.

Today it is difficult to find the best blog ideas that make money, why? It’s all Digital. Everything is nowadays available on smartphones and – being the era that we live in – making things easier and more seamless to access, it is better to be online rather than being physical and still give out tangible services.

But why do bloggers end up moving away or give up their blogs? Because they choose the best blog niches they think they can dive into and when it doesn’t work out, they think that it is the end of it. The trick about finding the best blog niche is, not to let the things that worked for you, work against you. Use the things that work for you, work for others too.

How you can do that is through your content. The power of convincing is awesome. So what do you think you have that other people don’t? Start working on it and write it down. Make sure you have authority over everything you do and claim, because you’re held accountable in case things go south.

Another tactic you can use for blog ideas that make money, if you are not so sure about using a blog that you have invested in, is to make another blog with a niche you think will get you some dough. Try using that and then see how things turn out. There are lots of bloggers who, while paying attention to their passion, started another blog knowing that a niche would work and started making money with the second blog rather than playing and risking around with the blog that they were passionate about. A couple of those bloggers include:

  • Amy Lynn Andrews
  • John Lee Dumas
  • Mariah Coz

You can check them out for inspiration.

Experimentation Is the Name of the Game

It’s said that not every blog idea that making money is feasible, but when you are selecting a niche for your blog, you are opening your doors for profits. After all, who doesn’t want to earn an extra buck or two for the heck of it.

You can, however, do whatever you want and earn money in the process, granted you are unique and give a niche you’re targeted towards, exactly what the niche readers want. It can either be something of interest or something that compels people to keep coming back for more.

Financial Blog – When thinking about the best blog niches, ask yourself, do you have a degree in finance or something similar? You can use that to monetize your blog and start earning some money even if you aren’t interested in a boring behind-the-desk job. You can be passionate about Barbie Dolls but still, know a thing or two about managing finances.

If you do, you’re in luck because not everyone knows how to manage money these days. They can learn a thing or two from you if you use your skill and expertise to launch a short course. If you’re good, you could very well win over a larger audience for your blog.

There are many bloggers in the digital space who started teaching short courses to those who wanted to learn and ended up making lots of money in the process. Starting from scratch, they used their skills even if they themselves didn’t like being bank managers, but used their skills to help others gain knowledge.

Health & Fitness Blog – One of the coolest blog ideas that make money is for the health and fitness community. If you’re a blogger who is also interested in health and fitness, you’re in luck. You have something to show for. Do it on your blog by sharing your experiences and if you know a thing or two about fitness that helped you in some way, share it. Chances are, many people like you would be facing those issues too and would need guidance from people like you.

Fashion Blog – One of the best blog ideas that make money is with fashion blogging. Being a diva isn’t enough if you can’t spread the word about how you actually got into being one. If you have the fashion sense, you can wow many more people on social media; and the best thing is, you can start earning a buck or two with your extensive knowledge about makeup, outfits and several other aspects of ‘diva-making’. You would not only gain more followers but can also start charging people for something extra, like your diet and where to get the best deals for outfits, etc.

Food Blog – Food is a niche that offers countless blog ideas that can help you make money. Foodies everywhere enjoy eating. What’s more is that they’d love to earn a few bucks here and there by offering their ‘services’ for not only testing out food from restaurants but also as referrals. Food bloggers have been the talk of the digital sphere as of late now, that they are perhaps the very few out of many who can monetize their passion with ease. The more passionate they are about food, the better for them. There are a number of food bloggers you would come across, and chances are, you might be following a few on social media platforms like Facebook and especially on Instagram.

So if you love food and know what it takes to tickle taste buds, why not give this passion the ignition it needs since food blogging can be the best blog niches for you?

Lifestyle Blog – Giving tips about lifestyle is one of the best blog ideas that make money. Everyone nowadays wants to have a particular lifestyle to follow. If you are one of those who happens to know a thing or two about how to follow that particular lifestyle, this is your chance to make it big in the world of blogging. Why? Because using your blogs you can post reviews, write and showcase what you learned and your journey towards the lifestyle you’re living today. Just make sure you’re not a pauper.

Personal Development Blog – Personal development is one of the best blog niches ever. It is a field from where the best blog ideas that make money came about and it is constantly evolving, as do people. With personal development, you have lots of areas to cater to with respect to helping individuals achieve a goal by being better at something. There are different key aspects that you can cover in a personal development blog that could be beneficial for people and ultimately, get them to invest money in learning something from you.

Does someone have a bad habit? A disorder of some sort or just struggling to battle depression or stress? You can help them by either sharing your story or a lifetime experience. Be the coach they need to shush their concerns about life and take things as they come.

Other Blog Categories – From the other blog categories you can select the best blog niches ever like gardening, travel, outdoor, plumbing, automotive engine oil maintenance market etc. These are some of the best but unexplored blog ideas that can help you make money because these are not that well documented. Bloggers who are offering services and guides on the above-mentioned genres are earning the big bucks without making a huge cry about it.

If you plan on venturing into the “other” blog categories, make sure you have credibility in the fields. The blogs already have quite a lot of following and for good reason; they know what they are talking about. You might love gardening but it isn’t necessary that you’d know how to use the tools. Sure, if you know, you can start offering something different, like a routine or even a different way to approach gardening.

Zeroing Into Your Venture

Now that you have selected the right blog ideas that make money, this is the long trail you’ll have to take in order to achieve something lucrative. One of the quickest ways of earning money is to first create an audience. That of course, depends upon the targets you set for yourself in terms of earning. But more importantly, it depends on the way you market yourself. Social media is at your disposal but you have to be wise.

The next big thing is to earn some credibility. If you have a big circle of friends on social media, you can get them to spread the word out on what you are offering. Chances are, many people will tune into your blog, but only some of them will be willing to spend their money on what you are offering. Start by offering some freebies that would help you and the visitors get to know you better. This will help you understand the dynamics of your blogging niche and what visitors really want. This will also help you cater to their individual needs.

Once you have identified that you really can cater to the needs of the few, eventually you can think about catering to the needs of the many that might help you gather in more audience. When this wheel turns, you can start charging more for members with special requirements.

If you want to speed up the process, you must:

  • Write a short book on personal development
  • Share an experience for everyone to take notice of
  • Share your goals and how you achieve them

When people know and read what you share, chances are that they would relate to whatever you’re trying to say, and take lessons. There are many bloggers who shared their experiences about how they overcame depression and started gaining a nice following since almost everyone suffers from it. Once an audience starts taking an interest, you can offer one-on-one sessions also.

One of the most lucrative blog ideas that make money can be selling products. If you are selling something special – it could be a herbal product, a beauty cream that your grandmother might have invented to treat blackheads – anything that interests people, will certainly help gather an audience.

Many bloggers who make money, tend to focus on posting tips of meditation, yoga and other things that people are into; so you can cash in, and provide them with tips that they need from within the comfort of your couch. There are loads of ways you can use to finding your blogging niche and putting yourself out there. An example of a blog that succeeded in using simple techniques of gaining a following is Abby Lawson and Her Blog.

Going through her blog you’d see how well arranged and managed it is. It is simple but offers a lot to the eye. From decorating your home to learning a thing or two about handling day-to-day events. Even if people know how to handle things, they would always follow someone they look up to. Could it be you? Depends on the quality of content and the way you present yourself.

Putting it All Together

Figuring out blog ideas that make money is not easy then. But, selecting a genre might seem easy. Then again, it is not easy to run and maintain it. In order to run a blog successfully that also generates a good amount of money, entails dedication, something not many possess.

Did you know that one of the main reasons to blog is to build an audience? This goes counter intuitive towards what we started talking about in the first place. Unless you want people to notice you, why would you blog in the first place? If you can somehow get this audience to pay you for whatever you have to share, it would be awesome, right? To do that, you need to find a good niche to get things moving.

The main goal is to find the best blog niche for making money. Nowadays people often wonder what is the easiest way to make money while doing nothing but posting blog after blog. Sorry to be the bearers of bad news about finding your blogging niche, that is not how it works. In order to make a blog work, you need blog ideas that make money, simple. And to stand out from others, you should offer something unique and different to an already stagnant and passive audience of your favorite niche that helps you make money.

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