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This Blogger Made $15,000 in A Single Month – Learn How!

Moeez — August 30, 2018 4 Minutes Read

A large number of bloggers take up blogging to make money. While being in the blogging industry myself, I have seen many bloggers whose sole purpose is to get a recurring amount every month. However, not many are successful in achieving their target.

Setting up a blog from scratch is itself a tough task. There is a certain cost attached to it in terms of time, money and energy. And then to make it a blog which starts to generate revenue is a target that most fail to achieve.

There is, however, one man who managed to start a blog from scratch and within a few years, started making $15,000 on a monthly basis.

Nathan Kinkead is an expert web developer, technology enthusiast, and a successful blogger. In this article we would learn a bit about him and how he managed to generate that much money from his blog.

Nathan Kinkead

In February 2013, I bought the domain kinkeadtech.com, setup a WordPress
blog, and wrote a handful of posts. I let it sit there untouched for a
year and a half.

In August 2014, I committed to myself that I would start blogging on a
regular basis, at least one post per week. Since then, I have been
consistently publishing new original blog posts in various areas of

The blog saw slow steady growth until just after 1 year into it. At that
point, it started seeing spikes and periods of exponential growth.

At the highest peak in 2017, my blog was getting 200,000 page views per
month and I was pulling in $15,000 per month in affiliate and advertising

But, of course, Google’s algorithms are always changing, and the SEO
competition is always fierce. As such, my traffic and income continued to
fluctuate quite a bit.

One lesson I learned was there are riches in the niches. While my blog
started as a general tech blog, I quickly observed that one topic was
gaining a lot more traction than the others. So, naturally, I wrote posts
around that topic. It wasn’t long before that one topic dominated my blog,
and I knew that Google saw my blog as an authority on that topic, but not

So, with that lesson in mind, I started my second blog wpforthewin.com which
is dedicated to one topic, WordPress, where I could share my expertise as a
WordPress developer along with my experience with blogging success.


Pick a Niche You’re Passionate About

Creating a great blog is all about quality content. Your audience will like your content if your content is a reflection of your hard work, dedication and passion. One major benefit of picking a niche that matches your interest is that you will never get bored with your blog. Just like Nathan, you will stay committed to it even if you are not getting the desired results because you love what you do.

Nathan picked a tech niche because he is a tech enthusiast. He loves to work with different types of technologies and share his experience with others. Because of that he was patient with his blog and believed that he will get the desired results.

Primary Target ≠ Making Money

That being said, if you want to make money through blogging, never make it your primary target. Your primary target should be to create a blog that provides value to your readers. As said before, it should reflect your creativity and hard work. Few of the things that you need to take care of before even thinking about money:

Your blog design – This should be the first and foremost element that you need to finalize.

Your blog’s objective – This should NOT be “making money”. The objective of your blog to provide your community with unique and helpful content that sympathizes with your audience.

Your content strategy – Create a suitable content strategy that aligns with your niche. Don’t be too rigid when it comes to strategy, strategies can be flexible.

Your marketing strategy – You should find the right channels where you will share your content and the right strategy for sharing it. Find out the small, medium and big players in your niche for partnerships.

Once you have taken care of all that, money will come automatically. If you have money on your mind from the start, you are destined to fail. You might even make some money in the start, but that will be incremental and not significant.

Patience is The Key

One thing every successful blogger would tell you to do is to have patience. You might not have required a lot of patience 10 years ago, but today, the blogging industry is saturated. There are so many bloggers out there trying to just cut through the noise that if you are not unique enough, you might be left behind very quickly.

The key is to be patient and believe in your strategies. As mentioned above, don’t be too rigid with your tactics and plans. I have seen many bloggers quit within 2 or 3 months because they weren’t getting traffic. Nathan stuck to his plan and after 3 long years, he finally hit that target.

Understand Google

Nathan understood Google after he realized that one topic gained most of the traffic for his blog than the other. So much so that he started a new blog that covered content related to that particular topic only. The thing to learn here is that not only he understood the mechanism, he made a bold decision and started a new WordPress blog.

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