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Top Plugins for Importing and Exporting WordPress Data

Moeez — August 21, 2017 5 Minutes Read

WordPress continuously updates its security to keep user data secure and encrypted, but it’s not enough if users do not have access to that data. Backup, migration and security are important reasons for moving data.

Normally, phpMyAdmin can import and export data by syncing with the website’s MySQL database. However, phpMyAdmin requires careful handling or you could end up ruining your whole website. So instead, I recommend readers using other migration plugins because they have better options for users of different skillsets.


So here is a bunch of WordPress plugins that I feel are great for importing and exporting WordPress data

1) All-in-One WP Migration

Price: Free

All-in-One WP Migration by ServMask is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to export and import your website’s data to other servers. Its features are as follows:

Drag-and-Drop Import

You can drag-and-drop large data backup files to your website.

Convenient Backups

Every time you export your website, a backup of your site is stored by the plugin. You can restore a backup of your website within minutes.

2) WP Migrate DB

Price: $99 (Personal), $249 (Developer), $599 (Studio)

WP Migrate DB is a WordPress plugin that migrates your database with one click from your dashboard. The plugin offers:

Use Find & Replace For Serialized Data

WP Migrate DB uses a special find and replace on serialized data to ensure your website’s data is not corrupted.

Push and Pull Databases

With the plugin installed on both local and live databases, you can pull the live one down and replace the local one. When your staging site changes are ready, you can push your local database up to replace your staging database.


Filter Post Types

If you want, you can choose to leave out those post types that should not be copied in your migrations.

Exclude Useless Data

You can exclude transients and spam comments from your backups.

3) WP All Export

Price: $99 (Standalone), $169 (Import & Export), $249 (Elite+Export)

WP All Export allows you to export any data on your WordPress website to an XML, CSV or Excel file using simple drag-and-drop interface. The plugin has been developed to work with large databases and you can export thousands of files.

WP All Export’s other features include:

Filter Exported Data

You can create specific filtering rules for exporting data from your website through . For example, you can set rules to export all posts created in the previous year.

Send Files to 500+ Apps

You can use Zapier to export your files to over 500 apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

Automatically Run Exports on a Schedule

You can create a customized schedule for your exported data. For example, you can sync your site’s product stock to another or get new weekly user signups or

Re-Import Data

The plugin allows easy re-import of data with a single click of the button. When a backup is created, the plugin also creates an import function that ensures easy import of the data.

4) Advanced Orders Export For WooCommerce

Price: $25 (1 website), $45 (2 websites), $100 (5 websites), $150 (10 websites)

Advanced Orders Export For WooCommerce is great for exporting WooCommerce orders into formats such as XML and XLS. The Pro version adds the given features:

Rules to Export Single Order

You can change a single order’s export status to either ‘Processing’, ‘Completed’ or ‘Any’.

Flexible Schedule

This feature allows you to customize a schedule for your exports.

Exports Orders To

You can export your orders to either FTP, HTTP URL, web server folder or email.

5) WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

Price: $99 (Basic), $149 (Pro)

WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro allows you to quickly import CSV and XML files into WordPress. The plugin’s functions are:

Drag-And-Drop Mapping

Use the drag-and-drop mapping feature for easier import of CSV data into WordPress fields. You can preview sample of your imported data as well.

Upload CSV From Anywhere

The plugin allows you to access and upload your CSV files from your local desktop, FTP server and external URL.

Systematic Data Backup

When your website has been updated, the auto schedule export uses a backup copy of the data as CSV.

6) WP All Import

Price: $99 (Standard), $139 (WooCommerce), $199 (Elite Bundle)

WP All Import’s drag-and-drop interface enables you to easily map the information in your CSV file to any WordPress field you want. The plugin supports custom fields, images, custom post types and other fields.

WP All Format’s other features are:

Import to Any Theme or Plugin

You can import specific data into the fields of a plugin or theme. The fields could be for page titles, descriptions or keywords.

Automate Scheduled Import Updates

You can specify your XML and CSV files’ URLs and configure the plugin to check them after a certain time for updates by using cron jobs. WP All Import will update your website like when new posts are added in place of the old ones.

Import Images From Anywhere

You can download images from your external server and then then link them to WordPress posts. You can also link images that you had uploaded to your site and to imported posts as well.

Import New Data To Existing Content

The plugin can import data from your CSV or XML file to already existing posts on your website.

7) Other WordPress Import Export Plugins

UpdraftPlus Migrator Extension

Updraft is a popular backup plugin that effectively creates a backup of files on your WordPress website. The pro version has a migrator that enable you to easily clone and migrate your WordPress data.

Super Backup & Clone

Primarily Backup tool for WordPress websites, Super Backup & Clone also makes it super easy for you to import all your WordPress data to new install. It not only offers multisite to multisite migration, it also migrates a part of your multisite WordPress install to a regular install.

WP Clone by WP Academy

WP Clone allows you to migrate your WordPress install without using an FTP client. Simply create a new WordPress install where you want to clone your WordPress site. Then install WP Clone and it will take care of the migration.

Backup & Restore Dropbox

As the name suggests, the free plugin lets you backup and restore your WordPress website from Dropbox. Backup & Restore Dropbox gives you the option to the option to backup data and restore it locally as well.


If you want the most reliable plugins to export and import your WordPress data, then the ones listed above are for you. If I missed out your favorite plugin, let me know in the comments below.

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