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11 Guaranteed Tips To Skyrocket Your Online Store Sales This Halloween

Moeez — October 23, 2017 5 Minutes Read

The festive season is upon us and the first of many to come, is Halloween. On the 31st of October, kids and adults will dress up in spooky costumes to celebrate Halloween in schools, offices and Halloween parties.

Halloween is not all about dressing up in costumes, it is also the best time for shopping. E-commerce store owners prepare themselves and their stores to maximize their sales this season.

This article will take you through some of the tips that will help you boost the sales of your online store this Halloween.

Halloween Layout

Give your website a touch of Halloween to show your visitors that you’re in the festive spirit. Physical stores decorate their storefront every year to celebrate the festivities with their customers. E-commerce store owners should do likewise to put their visitors in the Halloween mood as soon as they land on their website.

Store owners can add pumpkins, bats, spider webs, lanterns and other things that resonate with Halloween to their website. This will give a good first impression and will intrigue users to explore the store even more. Make sure the design is mobile-friendly as well as most of your customers will be visiting from a mobile device.

Blog About Halloween

Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your e-commerce store. You don’t need to be selling candies, wands and witch hats to write on Halloween. If you have a blog on your e-commerce store, you can come up with Halloween topics that are related to your domain.

If you are pet experts who sell pet food and equipment on your online store, you can write about how pets are easily petrified by the sound of fireworks. If you don’t have a blog on your e-commerce store yet, then you are way behind your competitors. A successful e-commerce store has an informative blog that attracts potential customers.

Send Halloween Themed Emails

Email marketing is still a very effective way to increase your conversions. 91% of US consumers use emails every day. Email has also been

proved to be better at driving conversion as compared to social media. Email marketing is also 40 times more effective than at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

If you have new offers and deals for Halloween, then you should send announcement emails to your customers. Make sure your email template is Halloween-themed so that your customers know that you are celebrating the holiday as well.

Get Social on Social Media

Carrying out holiday campaigns on your social media pages is a good way to drive traffic to your ecommerce store and gain more followers. You can use social media to announce new products that you have for Halloween using Halloween-themed images.

You can also conduct contests on your social media pages to give away free stuff. This will increase engagement and entice users to visit your ecommerce store.

Gift Wraps

There is a high chance that people are buying products from your store to gift them to someone. Include a packing feature in your online store to facilitate them. This will encourage them to buy from your store because they won’t have to go through the hassle of getting it packed.

While you are at it, give your packing a Halloween touch. The more creative your packages are, the more likely it is that a visitor will purchase from your store. A creative package will itself influence a visitor’s buying decision.

Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting banners can bring back customers who have visited your store but left without buying. Halloween-styled banners can attract more clicks than your default banners. Visitors coming through your retargeting campaign will most likely buy from your store because they already know your brand.

Create Halloween Offers

People are looking for discounts and offer in the holiday season and your store should have those too if you are looking to boost your sales. Gift cards are the perfect way to make customers buy from your stores. Send your customers gift cards so that they have a reason to buy from your store since they are exclusive to your store.

You can also have Halloween giveaways as well. For example, if a customer buys a product from your website, you can throw in a Halloween prop like a pumpkin carving kit or witch hat. The added incentive will encourage customers to buy from your store.

Treat Your Loyal Customers

Your loyal customers are your biggest asset. Make sure you don’t forget them in this holiday season. Create offers that are specially crafted for your loyal customers. Since they have been shopping from your store for quite some time, you might be aware of their shopping habits, their lifestyle and other personal information.

Come up with offers that your loyal customers can resonate to. Send them a personalized email with a Halloween Loyalty Reward. They would feel pampered and would stay loyal for a longer period of time.

Personalize Your Giveaways

You can create offers that can target some specific customers. For example you can give your business customers special discounts and offers. You can also set specific pricing and special discounts for a group of customers that you think are of high value to your business.

Time Bound Offers

Creating urgency is a clever way of increasing your sales. Time-bound offers are offers that are valid between a specific time frame. For example “50% off on entire stock from 5PM to 8PM”. This creates a sense of urgency within your customers and increase your sales.

Countdown Offers

Urgency can be created through countdowns as well. You can display a timer along with your offer that states it will expire in some minutes. This will create excitement within your customers and they will buy your product within that time frame.

Halloween Is Near!

Halloween is just around the corner and you should start preparing your stores if you want to make the most of the holiday season. The tips I mentioned in this article are sure shot ways to optimize your sales for Halloween. If you have some more tips that you want to share, feel free to comment.

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