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How To Set up Your Ecommerce Shop on Facebook

Moeez — July 1, 2018 4 Minutes Read
setup facebook store

Do you have a WooCommerce-based ecommerce store? Have you ever thought about selling your products from Facebook page?

With more than two billion users, according to the latest figures of June 2017, Facebook has become the must-have social networking platform. A real El Dorado for major brands who have not hesitated to use it to promote their products via fan pages!


Whether you are a big retailer or a local business, you can always add a shop section to your Facebook page and start selling products in just a few minutes.

The advantages offered by a Facebook page are numerous:

  • Virality of information communicated appear in the news feed of people who “Like” your page
  • Indexing in search engines since Facebook pages are public
  • Easy promotion to the outside of Facebook with widgets
  • Significant development potential due to a large number of applications
  • Eligibility for the internal advertising network
  • Internet analytics system

To help you create a Facebook page for your business, I have prepared a quick tutorial to introduce you to the main steps.

1. Create Facebook Store Page

Log in to your Facebook account, then go the top-right menu and click on “Create Page”.

Create Facebook page

After that, you can see multiple categories such as: “Local business or place”, “Company Organisation or Institution”, “Brand or product” etc. Choose from the category that best reflects your business field.

Create a page

Now click on “Brand or product” and select sub-category as “Clothing (brand)”. Name your brand or product name and click “Get Started” button.

Note: I choose “Clothing (brand)” as my sub-category and name it “My Shop”, however, you can set different name and choose from the other ones.

Brand or Product

Next, it will show you some steps, you need to follow this steps and then click to the “Save Changes” button.

Now you can see the below image the Facebook page is ready for action.

Save changes

This is not over yet. I still have to add some more things like profile pic, cover photo and other page content. However, the change is enough for the purpose of this tutorial.

Now move to the next step.

2. Install Plugin to WooCommerce Store

To connect your WooCommerce store on Facebook page, you need to use WooCommerce Shop to Facebook plugin.

Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New. From the right side, search “WooCommerce Shop to Facebook By StoreYa” then install and activate the plugin.

Install plugin on WooCommerce

After activating the plugin, you can see the tab of “StoreYa Facebook Store” appear in WooCommerce > Settings.

Facebook store

3. Register on StoreYa Account

If you don’t have an account of StoreYa, click “Register now!”. And if you already have one, click “Log in with Email” or “Log in with Facebook”.

Login with account details

Next, you can see “Facebook Shop” option and click “Read More” button.

Facebook shop read more

After that, click “Get App Now!” button.

Get Facebook store app

Choose your eCommerce platform as “WooCommerce”.

Choose Ecommerce platform

Enter URL of your ecommerce store and click “Continue” button.

Import WordPress store on Facebook

However, if you want to see the preview, click “Preview” button. A popup appears, which says:

“You will now be redirected to Facebook.

Please log in, and choose the Facebook fan page you wish to connect your store to.”

Then, click “Continue” button.

Continue Facebook Fan Page

Select the Facebook page which you have previously created and click “Add Page Tab” button.

Add Page Tab

Now you will be redirected to your “StoreYa Dashboard” with the below text:

“Your store was successfully connected!”

Then click “Visit Facebook Store” to see how your ecommerce store looks like on Facebook page.

Visit Facebook store

You can see that everything is there, including images, prices, categories, etc.

Shop price and categories

Click “Publish Store” button to publish your ecommerce store on Facebook.

After that, if users click “Buy Now” button, they automatically redirect to the product page of your website.

Buy Now

Wrapping Up!

That’s it! I believe after following this tutorial carefully, you can easily integrate and setup Facebook store and get an increase in the sales. Although if you still have any issue regarding this tutorial, feel free to ask me via the comment section below.

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