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Top Rated Code Editors For WordPress Developers in 2024

Moeez — March 17, 2020 5 Minutes Read

Over the years, writing code has become an art in itself. Today, developers have access to a large number of programming languages that range from very basic Assembly to Ruby and Python. Despite the numerous choices in programming languages for a given project, one thing remains constant – every developer requires a code editor to write the code!

A good code editor is more than just a simple text editing tool. It is the place where the magic happens and written code transforms into a viable component for a larger project. Given this importance, it is no wonder that developers are very picky about the code editor they work with. Every developer wants a code editor that is fast, easy to use and offers just the right balance of features.

Since every code editor out there claims to be the best and the only code editor you will ever need, I have done the hard work of compiling a list of top code editors for WordPress developers.


Vim is one of the most popular code editors among WordPress developers. It’s free and has a good reputation among Linux developers.The editor is open source and highly configurable. It gives cross platform compatibility like no other code editor. Also, it works in Dos.

Vim might not be very popular among new users as it has a learning curve. Here are some more features attached to Vim:

  • Integrated UI
  • Syntax highlighting for more than 200 languages

Light Table

Light Table is another free and open source code editor that you can find on Kickstarter with more than 300k in funding. The editor has a very clean interface and has tons of extensions. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux and is highly customizable.

With Light Table, users can see their changes as they are happening. All they have to do is open a browser window and they can see changes in real time. The editor is also very light weight and has support for different embeds.


Chocolat brands itself as the best code editor for Mac OS X for all the programming languages. The code editor aims to seamlessly integrate with OS. Chocolat offers drag and drops feature, split editing, code folding and code completion for JS, Python, and HTML.

Some other features are:

  • Project wide search and replace
  • Live error checking


Notepad++ has very good reasons for being the top choice for many WordPress developers. This lightweight code editor is open source and free to use. The best thing about the code editor is that it is ideal for both novice and expert

The list of supported languages includes everything that a WordPress developer needs in the course of developing a complex project. The long list of features of Notepad++ includes:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • FTP support
  • External plugins
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Code and Text folding
  • Compiler Integration

Sublime Text

If you are looking for a compact yet performance oriented code editor, I would recommend Sublime Text. A cross-platform code editor, Sublime Text looks beautiful on your screen, performs really well and scales well for all WordPress projects. To use the code editor, you have to pay a one-time fee of USD 70.

Sublime Text has a lot to offer you including:

  • Python scripting
  • Customizable interface
  • Instant file switching
  • Syntax and error detection
  • Multiline selection and editing
  • External plugin integration
  • Themes

Text Wrangler

Text Wrangler is perhaps the best code editor you could have for Mac OS. It supports 44 programming languages including JavaScript, Python, HTML, SQL. The best thing about Text Wrangler is that it is a freeware that offers an amazing set of features. Here’s the recommended article which is about top tips to hire a python programmer.

The code editor could easily handle large source code files and offers a wide range of  features including:

  • Plugin and macro support
  • Secure FTP
  • SSH support
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Auto completion
  • Spell checker


When developers create an application for developers, the results often resemble Atom, the code editor created by the team behind GitHub. Atom is an open source code editor and incorporates a significant portion of user contributed code.  This makes Atom a very robust code editor that integrates the wishlist of many WordPress developers.

Despite being a freeware, Atom offers several mission critical features including:

  • Built-in package manager
  • Customizable themes
  • Support for Command Palette
  • Integration with GitHub


Another code editor for Mac lovers, Coda is designed on and for Mac OS. It supports OS X 10.7.5 and later versions and is for developers who like speed and stability in their code editor. Coda is the outcome of a 2007 project for a simple text editor. Over years, Coda has managed to become a very viable option for developers who work on Mac. An important component is the Transmit Turbo Engine which boosts up uploads from a remote location. Coda is available for a free 7-day trial, with the full version available for USD 99.

Coda offers a whole range of powerful features including:

  • Built-in debugger
  • Native Terminal
  • Leopard GUI
  • Auto code completion
  • Support for large files

Text Mate

Text Mate is another popular code editor for Mac OS with a massive reputation in Ruby and RoR communities. However, the full list of supported languages include all major and minor programming languages. The basic version is available for free, while the full version is priced at USD 49.

Text Mate offers a variety of features including:

  • FTP support
  • Support for Xcode
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Supports Foldable Code Blocks
  • Column selection and typing
  • Auto completion


jEdit claims to be a serious code editor for serious programmers! It is an open source project ( free to use) created in Java and supports all the programming languages that a WordPress developer uses regularly.

Along with supporting 100+ plugins and macros, jEdit is very at-home with regular expressions. Some exciting features include:

  • Compiler integration via a third-party plugin
  • FTP support with an integrated FTP browser
  • Spell checker


Also known as Bare Bone Edit, this code editor is available only on Mac OS. It is an award winning application which lets you search, manipulate or edit code with ease. The trail version is free to download with the full version costing USD 49.99.

BBEdit offers innovative features including:

  • Autocompletion
  • Splittable editable windows
  • Syntax highlighting


Available only for Windows, this code editor is well known for its clean interface that really eases the task of code production. The best thing about Araneae is that it is free to use for all WordPress projects.

Araneae offers:

  • Direct support for popular programming languages including HTML, CSS, PHP, Rails, XHTML, etc.
  • Supports multiple instance for jEdit, etc.


A product of IDM Computer Solutions, UltraEdit is a premium application designed for supporting code production in all major languages. In particular, it supports all trending languages including JavaScript, HTML, Perl, C/C++, and PHP. The cost of the code editor is USD 79.99 per year.

This code editor is packed with developer-favorite features such as:

  • Integration with SSH
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Multi-selection of code
  • Editable Column and Block
  • FTP support

That’s a Wrap!

Many developers make the mistake of not trying out several code editors before settling on their favorite. I hope that you will try out some of the code editors for your next WordPress project. Please share your experiences with the above-mentioned code editors, and if I have left out your personal favorite, do mention it in the comments section below!

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