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Why WordPress Trumps Drupal and Joomla

Moeez — February 14, 2018 4 Minutes Read

WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, or as people like to call them ‘The Big Three,’ are powering around 90% of the websites. These three have different capabilities and unique selling points that make them stand out from the rest but what makes WordPress better than Drupal and Joomla is because of its incredulous market share and an aspiring community where people interact and engage with each other. .

A little introduction of these three Content Management Systems (CMS)…


WordPress was released by Matt Mullenweg after he forked the B2/cafelog back in 2003. Fifteen years later, the CMS is one of the most successful piece of software the world has ever seen. Easy configuration, customizability and seamless integration with third party tools makes it attractive towards individual bloggers, corporations and government organization such as the White House.


Unlike WordPress, Drupal is used by a limited number of beginners. It is mostly used by experts because of its steep learning curve. Drupal is still a solid CMS platform that’s used to create complex websites that require high-end security and immense scalability. Some websites that use Drupal are Ebay, The Economist, and General Motors


Joomla is a combination of WordPress and Drupal. A developer with the basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL can easily setup a website using Joomla. It is powering millions of website around the world including personal blogs, corporate portals, and intranets. Due to a dozen customization options available right on the dashboard, It is suitable for most e-commerce websites.

Coming back to the argument…

Why WordPress is Better than Drupal and Joomla?

WordPress is the most successful CMS of The Big Three. Apart from it leading the market, WordPress has a couple of other prominent features that makes it stand out. Let’s dig a little deeper and see what WordPress has to offer.

Easy to Install

WordPress has the easiest installation process among all the CMSes available in the list. This is not to say that you wouldn’t need technical help while you are installing WordPress, but the steps are much more simpler than Drupal and Joomla combined.

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Stress-free Maintenance

WordPress is easier to maintain as compared to Drupal and Joomla. There are many maintenance plugins to help you keep your website in the best shape. You can also do it yourself by making sure your plugins are up-to-date and your theme doesn’t have any broken piece of code.

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Thousands of plugins and themes

WordPress websites are highly customizable and functional. This is made possible by the thousands of free plugins and themes available on the official WordPress repository. Further, many third party paid plugins and themes are available that offer additional customization options and functionalities with complete update and support.

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Huge Community

Since WordPress is the most used CMS around, it has a very engaging and vibrant community filled with content creators, developers and designers, all ready to help you. There are hundreds of forums where WordPress users interact and discuss various WordPress issues. Also, a number of WordPress blogs exist to offer helpful content on WordPress..

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Low Cost of Development

The easy installation of WordPress doesn’t mean you won’t need any technical assistance while you are running your website. But the good thing is that it doesn’t cost as much as a Drupal and Joomla developer to hire a WordPress developer. These developers are easier to find and if you need help with the smallest of the tasks, you will find a developer who is willing to do it for only a small price.

Ecommerce Enabled

It is easier to create an online store on WordPress. All you need to do is install WooCommerce plugin and you have a store ready for product-feed. You can customize it the way you want and use different themes for different type of online stores. Compared to Drupal and Joomla, the management of ecommerce stores on WordPress powered WooCommerce platform is easier to manage by even a not-so-tech savvy user.

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Which of the three Should Power Your Website

If you want your website to appear as you had imagined while compromising on the security, then using WordPress would be the wisest option. Creating a WordPress website is much easier than the other two CMSs.

Drupal, on the other hand, provides rock-solid security while taking away the user experience. If you’re looking to create a website that is more secure and less easier on the eye, then Drupal is the way forward. Of course, you will have to hire expensive developers who will launch the website for you.

As mentioned earlier in the article, Joomla provides a combination of both Drupal and WordPress. It’s secure and offers greater user experience and customizability.

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    Create Faster WordPress Websites!

    Free eBook on WordPress Performance right in your inbox.

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