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Top 8 A/B Testing Tools For WordPress in 2020

Moeez — December 24, 2018 6 Minutes Read
WordPress A/B Testing

Ever wondered why certain websites have excellent conversion rate? Why some websites have thousands of subscribers or why some websites make an unbelievable amount of sales? If you haven’t, then you should definitely give this article a read.

Making a website with WordPress is easy. The trick lies in making it a good one. A good website doesn’t let its visitors leave empty-handed. Your website’s conversion rate depends on a number of factors including colors, content, CTA placement and images.

So how would you know if your CTA placement is on point or the colors you have used are perfect for your visitors? This is where A/B testing comes in.

What Is A/B Testing?

Simply put, A/B testing is comparing one web page against another to see which one performs better. The two versions of web pages have different CTA positioning, colors, font, content and all other aspects that can affect your conversions. After a certain time period, the web page that gives better conversion wins!

You can then closely observe what changes you make to the web page and then make them permanent. If however, you don’t get the desired results, you can start over by making other changes.

A/B testing prevents you from wasting time on guesswork and intuition and lets you make decisions that are more likely to produce results. It allows you to make changes that are already tested with actual visitors and improve your website conversions.

Bear in mind that A/B testing is not a one-time thing. Continuous A/B testing can give you a deeper insight into your visitors.You can identify how your visitors react differently to colors, headlines, CTA positioning, fonts, page layouts and more.

A/B Testing Tools For Your WordPress Website

To this point, we have a fair idea regarding what A/B testing is and why it is important. Let’s discover some tools that can help you with your A/B testing.

1. Nelio AB Testing

We will start off with a free WordPress plugin that is used for A/B testing WordPress websites. Nelio is one of the most popular A/B testing tools around. You can use Nelio to test different aspects of your website making it a powerful and versatile A/B testing tool. Nelio is also WooCommerce compatible. It allows you to test different product images and product features on your WooCommerce website.

The plugin lets you test your content on your landing pages. This includes copy, CTAs, background images and more.You can create a variety of content, Call-to-action buttons, and images to test what works for your visitors.

Nelio not only allows you to test your titles but also your headlines. You can create a different combination of headlines, excerpts and featured images to see what drives more clicks.

Nelio’s heat map gives users a deeper insight into their visitors. You can analyze where your visitors most frequently go to when they visit your website. Theme and CSS testing are also super easy with Nelio.

2. WordPress Calls to Action

WordPress Calls to Action is another free plugin that does exactly what it says on the package. The plugin is used to create effective CTAs for WordPress websites. CTAs offered by this plugin was designed according to the best inbound marketing practices so that you can optimize your website conversion.

This plugin is also used to A/B test CTAs on your website. It will track your website conversion on current CTAs and can also be used to run both, A/B test and multivariate test on your CTAs.

The plugin quickly spins new CTA designs for your website so you can test them on your visitors. It also clones existing CTAs for multivariate A/B testing.

3. Simple Page Tester

If you’re looking for a free solution to your A/B testing needs then you’re in luck today. Simple Page Tester is another free WordPress plugin that runs A/B test on WordPress websites without knowing a single piece of code.

The three-step process is all you need to A/B test your website:

  1. Click on “edit screen” of the page you wish to split test
  2. Click on “setup split test” and design your variation
  3. Click on “declare a winner” to see which variation provided better results (Pro Version)

The plugin follows Google Webmaster Guidelines so that your website is not affected by SEO when you split test. This way, the changes you have made are recognized as temporary by Google.

If you wish to take your A/B testing to another level, you can install the Pro Version of this plugin. The extra bucks will get you a detailed breakdown of your conversions on your CTA variations.

You can also see how your split testing is going along with some advanced calculations.

4. A/B Press Optimizer

A/B Press Optimizer is a paid WordPress plugin for A/B testing that is worth a try. The plugin seamlessly integrates with your WordPress website and creates multiple variations of your website’s elements which include images, colors, fonts, and headlines.

They offer unlimited experiments and real-time reporting with every payment plan. You can also export reports to Excel. This makes it easier for users to test a number of different versions of your website to see which one produces the best results.

With this plugin, you have the liberty to test any element of not only your page, but also post and custom post types. The plugin allows you to make changes to your content and titles as well.

Pricing starts at $49 which will get you the Personal plan. If you are an agency, you can opt for their Agency plan which is for $199.

5. Optimizely

Optimizely is a familiar name in the digital marketing community. This is because Optimizely offers a full range of web optimization tools to design the perfect website. A/B testing is one of those tools. Optimizely X Web Experimentation is a premium split testing tool offered by Optimizely so that you can create an optimized website that results in maximum conversions.

The feature allows you to experiment with any device. You can make changes to the desktop version of your website while also experimenting on the mobile version. If you have an Android or iOS app of your website, you can A/B test on that as well.

Optimizely’s Stats Engine expertly displays crucial statistic data resulting from your experiments. This way, you can quickly make informed decisions regarding your website.

6. Title Experiment

Title Experiment is a free WordPress solution for your A/B testing needs. You can use this plugin to test titles on your website. If your content team has multiple ideas for a title, you can use them all through this service to find out which works best.

The plugin easily lets you add multiple variations of an article with different titles. It will simplify your decision regarding which title to choose. The plugin will indicate which title has led to more click-throughs.

Still not satisfied? You can always go pro with Title Experiment Pro. With the pro version, you will be able to experiment with your featured images as well. A detailed statistic report will give you an in-depth analysis of your conversions. The Pro version also freezes experiments automatically after you have selected the stop time from the admin panel.

7. VWO

Visual Website Optimizer, VWO, brands itself as “World’s Easiest A/B and Split Testing Software”. You would find this statement more believable after you have visited their website which clearly explains what it does.

VWO lets you easily make changes to your headlines, images, buttons and other elements of your website. It will divide your website into different variations and track results of each version. Results include revenue, sign-ups and other conversions.

It allows you to set up you’re A/B testing campaign in a matter of minutes. The process is incredibly smooth without any unnecessary blockades. The dashboard provides a detailed report of your A/B testing results. It also has a built-in alert which goes off when a version performs better than the original.

This is not the cheapest solution around as the basic plan starts from $49/month. The pricing goes up to $999/month which obviously comes with more advanced features.

8. Unbounce

Unbounce has a full fledge portfolio of marketing tools. It focuses on increasing website conversions and A/B testing is a part of it. Unbounce’s A/B testing splits traffic between two variations and displays the results on its dashboard.

Setting Unbounce up is simple as you can get started with your A/B testing with only a few clicks. As a website owner, you will learn a lot of behavioral changes within your visitors as you make changes to your site. Each test will tell you something new about your visitors and their response.

Such a premium service comes at a cost. The basic plan is a whopping $79/month which comes with landing page builder, SSL encryption, WordPress integration and A/B testing capabilities.

9. Poll the People

Poll the People is a new entrant in 2022 that lets you A/B test your headlines, ad copy, and other marketing messages even before you go live. It does this by presenting two variations in a head-to-head test with a panel of users.

Running a head-to-head test on Poll the People is very simple and you don’t even need to make any changes to your website or ads. You simply pick an expert-built template and insert your two variations.

Panel users then vote on the variations and give you valuable feedback. The human panel responses cost $1/response and running a test with at least 100 responses is recommended for statistical significance. There is a free option, but it requires you to gather your own responses.

Get Started With A/B Testing!

A/B testing is essential if you are to build a website with a high conversion rate. Successful websites are not made overnight. Continuous experimentation and testing are needed to ensure that your website produces the desired results. A/B testing is the most effective way to make sure that your website elements are going to give you conversions.

The tools listed in this article are the best means to carry out your A/B testing campaign. If you know any more A/B testing tools, do mention them in the comments.

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