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How to Add Twitter Feed to WordPress Site Manually & via WordPress Twitter Widgets

Moeez — November 18, 2019 9 Minutes Read
twitter feed wordpress

A rather common question among WordPress users, especially those who want to increase user engagement through social media platforms is “How to display recent tweets in WordPress site?” The answer to that is simple: use a WordPress Twitter widget.

You can easily show the latest tweets in your WordPress site by integrating your Twitter Account via a WordPress widget. Not only will that display recent tweets, but you can also embed different content from Twitter, like your lists, likes, collections, specific tweets, and much more.

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Why Add Twitter Feed to WordPress

Embedding Twitter to your WordPress site has a lot of benefits. Here are some of them:

  • It’s a way to increase engagement on your website as well as Twitter
  • It can help you get more followers on your Twitter account
  • Your readers can always stay up-to-date
  • Your readers will be able to connect with you instantly
  • You’ll be able to tweet and blog at the same time

So there are plenty of reasons why you should add your Twitter feed to your website. Now let’s explore how you can embed Twitter to your WordPress site.

Ways to Add Tweets in WordPress

I’d suggest you place your recent tweets on the footer since it will be viewable throughout your website (we’ve also embedded our Twitter feed on WPblog’s footer). In this tutorial, though, I will show how you can easily add tweets to your WordPress site in four simple ways.

1. Adding Your Recent Tweets via WordPress Twitter Widget

Let’s create a WordPress Twitter widget for your site in two simple steps.

Step 1: Creating a WordPress Twitter Widget

First, you need to copy your Twitter Account URL from your browser that you want to embed:
So if you want to embed your profile, just copy your Twitter profile’s URL: https://twitter.com/wpblogdottcom.

wpblog twitter account

Now open your WordPress Dashboard and go to Appearance > Widgets where you will see different widgets options.

wordpress widgets

Next, select the Text widget and select Footer and then click on Add Widget as shown in the image below.

footer widget settings

Step 2: Embed Recent Tweets Via a WordPress Widget

Next, give the widget a good title and paste the link in the box that you copied.

recent tweets

Once you’ve pasted the URL, the box will give you a preview of how the feed will look in your footer.

recent tweets sidebar widget

Here’s how our recent tweets appear on the live website.

twitter recent tweets

So, we have seen this it’s the embed feature of WordPress that makes this process easy and it just takes 2 simple steps to create your own WordPress Twitter widget for recent tweets.

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2.  Embedding Twitter Feed in WordPress

Twitter offers an advanced feature in Twitter Publish where it provides you a script and you can place it on your website and it fetches every single tweet, recent tweets, hashtags, list, profile and any selected Twitter content by just embedding that specific code.

In this method, we are going to embed Twitter feed in WordPress using Twitter Publish.

Step 1:  Create and Copy the Twitter Feed Embedded Code

First, you need to open the Twitter Publish site and select the Embedded Timeline in your browser.

twitter publish page

Now paste your Twitter Account URL in Embedded Timeline box as shown in the below image.

twitter embedded timeline

When you click on Preview, a new screen will appear that will provide you the embed code for your Twitter feed. Just copy the code by clicking on Copy Code.

wpblog tweet

Step 2: Creating a Twitter Feed in WordPress Widget

Next, you need to open your Dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets and then select the custom HTML Code > Footer and click on Add Widget for your Twitter feed widget.

footer 1 widget

Next, open the Footer widget and give it a good title. Then paste that script code that you copied earlier from Twitter Publish and click on Save.

custom html twitter code

Once done, check your Twitter feed on your website. You can see our recent Tweets on the below image.

wpblog recent tweets

This is the Twitter Publish that makes embedding Twitter feed process easy and you can even embed this generated code anywhere on your website like in your post, sidebar, content, etc.

3.  Adding Twitter Feed to WordPress Blog Posts

As I mentioned before, you can even Embed Twitter feed in your blog posts, a feature that WordPress provides at its core.

There are two simple ways through which you can easily add your recent tweets in your WordPress site.

Method 1: Adding a Twitter Feed to WordPress Blog Posts With Twitter Embed Block

First, go to Post, click on Add New, then open WordPress block editor and type Twitter where you will see a Twitter icon. Then simply click on that as shown in the below image.

twitter feed

WordPress comes with many social embed blocks that include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

Next, you need to paste your Twitter account URL in the box and click on Embed.

wpblog twitter feed URL

After embedding, recent Tweets appear with a scroll bar as shown in the below image.

tweets by wpblog

Method 2: Adding a Twitter Feed to WordPress Blog Posts With Twitter Publish

You can also add a Twitter feed to WordPress through Twitter Publish. For this, visit Twitter Publish and click on Embedded Timeline.

Twitter Publish allows you to show recent tweets without the scrollbar!

twitter published

Embedded Timeline screen will pop-up where you need to paste your Twitter account URL in the box and click on Preview.

twitter embedded

When you click on Preview, a new screen will appear that will provide you the embed code for your Twitter feed. Just copy the code by clicking on Copy Code.

wpblog tweet

Now, go to Post create a new post or edit an existing one.

On the edit screen, add the Code Formatting block in your post.

post formatting

Next, paste the code script that you copied earlier in the code box.

twitter feed code

Once done, click on Publish and Preview it live.

You can see in the image below how our test site looks like.

wpblog twitter feed

So, adding a Twitter feed to WordPress blog posts or pages is quite an easy process. In the first method, we did it through a social twitter block editor which shows the scroll bar. For a feed without the scroll bar, we used the Twitter Publish method which allows you to show recent tweets without the scrollbar.

4.   Embedding Selective Tweets in WordPress

In the previous methods, we embedded recent tweets to WordPress. But what if you don’t want recent tweets and instead you want to embed a selective tweet, #Hashtags, Likes, and Replies, etc? Don’t worry.

In this method, I will show you how you can easily add specific Twitter content or a collection to your WordPress Site.

Method 1: Showing Selective Tweets

It’s easy to embed specific Twitter content to WordPress site where you need to just copy the URL of that specific Twitter content and paste in your Twitter widget.

You need to open your WordPress Dashboard and go to Appearance > Widgets. You will see different widgets as WordPress offers various widgets options. Select the Text widget, select Footer, and then click on Add Widget.

add widget on wordpress

Now, simply copy the specific tweet URL…

wpblog twitter url

… and paste it into the WordPress widget and click on Save.

wpblog tweet about wordpress 5.3

This is how it appears in our testing site:

wordpress 5.3 retweet by wpblog

Method 2: Showing Selective Collections of Tweets

If you want to show different selective tweets or want to show a collection of tweets on your WordPress site then you need to visit Twitter TweetDeck.

The Twitter collection is a list of tweets organized under a specific topic by a user where you can make a list of your most liked tweets, your most retweeted tweet, specific hashtags, and much more.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create your Collection on Twitter TweetDeck

First, you need to visit the TweetDeck website and sign in with your Twitter account. After logging into TweetDeck, you will see its Dashboard; click on Add Column (a plus sign).

tweet deck notifications

After adding a column, the Column Type screen will pop-up from where you need to select Collection.

tweet deck setting

Next, you need to add a collection column by clicking on Create Collection Button.

tweet deck create collection

A “Create a new Collection” screen will pop-up where you need to fill the Name and Description, then click on Save.

wpblog tweetdeck

You will see a blank column on the right side of the TweetDeck Dashboard where you can add tweets by drag and drop from your left side of the tweet list.

drag and drop option tweetdeck

Step 2: Embedding Your Collection Tweets to WordPress Site

Next, select on the setting icon, click on Edit Collection, then click on Share and then select Embed Collection.

tweets for testing tweet deck

A new screen will appear on your browser from which you need to copy the script by clicking on Copy Code.

tweet deck customization code

Now, paste this script code in WordPress widget. For this, go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Custom HTML, select Footer, then go to Footer widget, i.e., on the right side and paste the code script there and give it a good title. Then click Save.

tweet deck code for wordpress widget

Now, test the live site by visiting it where you will see the collection of tweets in footer side.

final result recent tweets


So as you can see, it’s not difficult to show your recent twitter feeds on your WordPress site.
WordPress and Twitter together offer many great features that help you to easily embed Twitter feeds easily on your WordPress site.

Here is another article for you where we highlighted the best social media plugins to integrate social media platforms with your WordPress site: Best WordPress Social Media Plugins in 2019.

Do let me know in the comments below if you found the tutorial useful and if you’d like me to cover some other topics related to social channels. You can email me at [email protected] as well if you’d like to.

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