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WordPress Weekly News 010: WooCommerce Update, Cloudwars and more

Moeez — March 16, 2017 2 Minutes Read

I am sure you must have come across a video of Professor Robert Kelly’s BBC interview being interrupted by his children. 

As adorable as it was, it took the internet by storm and people will be talking about it for a long time. 

There is, however, a lot of talking going on in the world of WordPress as well, which I will be sharing with you in this WordPress roundup. WooCommerce announces release date, WordPress.com updates editor, and so much more to talk about in this week’s WordPress Weekly News.

WordPress.com for Google Docs

WordPress.com has released an add-on for Google Docs that makes editing and drafting your content extremely easy. It is a major pain reliever for people who have experienced the agonizing process of publishing content on their WordPress.com website.

The add-on is extremely easy to install and even easier to use. The changes you make in your Google Docs will now automatically be made in your content piece. Also, a number of people in your team can work on a single draft. The add-on is already gaining popularity among many WordPress users.

WooCommerce Update Scheduled For April

Mark your calendars folks because WooCommerce update is going to be released on 4th of April. You can expect some major changes in WooCommerce 3.0.0. With this update, WooCommerce will be using the Semantic Version just like WordPress.

WooCommerce will now be announcing updates with three digits as opposed to the two digits it has been using. The first digit would mean a major update, second digit is for the minor update and the third digit would signify a security patch.

WordPress.com Updates Editor

WordPress.com has made some major changes in its editor. The editor now has a cleaner look with side bars hiding on the right. The Preview and Publish buttons have been repositioned as well. They now appear permanently on the top right as opposed to the meta box. You can access the drafts easily by clicking the number next to the Write button.

Joen Asmussen, an Automattician, says that, now, everything is in the right place. And the update will provide a seamless flow for the one who is writing as well as the one who wants to configure his settings.

Cloudwars On Xthemetips.com

Xthemes released a detailed case study comparing Cloud hosting providers. They compared the providers based on criterias like hosting plans & load times. The aim of this case study was to guide website owners so that they can make an informed decision about their hosting provider.

The speed test was won by Cloudways Vultr, followed by Linode which was a close second. Cloudways AWS was third.

The case study concluded that the best cloud hosting provider depends upon your own needs. For non-technical people, WPengine and Themeco are the best WordPress hosting providers.

If a user is looking for some level of server control, then CloudWays and Linode are the perfect fit.

Tutorials & Tips

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That’s all from this Week’s WordPress News. See you next week with some more exciting news from the World of WordPress.

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