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10 Best Affiliate Program WordPress Plugins in 2020

Moeez — January 14, 2020 7 Minutes Read
wp affiliate plugin

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Through an affiliate marketing program, you can promote your website’s products and services by managing affiliates. As a result, affiliates earn a commission with each sale they successfully conduct and give your website more sales, traffic, and visibility.

Ten Best Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

Plugins Price
Affiliate Manager Free, $39 (Single Site), $97 (Developer License)
Ultimate Affiliate Pro $36 (Single Website)
AffiliateWP $99/yr (Personal), $149/yr (Plus), $249/yr (Professional), $499/yr (Ultimate)
Affiliate Royale $85 (Merchant), $165 (Developer)
Affiliates $59 (Single Site), $99 (Up to 5 Sites), $199 (Up to 25 Sites)
Thirsty Affiliates $59/year (1 site license) $99/year (5 site license) $179/year (unlimited license)
WordPress Affiliate & Referral $20
YITH WooCommerce Affiliates (Free) (Free)
WP Auto Affiliate Links (Free)
EasyAzon $47 (multi site use rights) $67 (developer site use rights)

Affiliate WordPress plugins offer plenty of customizable and easy-to-manage options and features. In order to help you launch paid and free affiliate programs for your web products, here is my collection of the best affiliate WordPress plugins:

1. Affiliates Manager

Affiliates Manager Best WordPress Plugin

  • Price: Free, $39 (Single Site), $97 (Developer License)

Affiliate Manager is a great WordPress affiliate plugin. This plugin enables you to track, manage and pay your affiliates directly from your website. You will get free upgrades for the plugin as well as technical support from the plugin’s user forum. Some of Affiliate Manager’s best features are:

  • Affiliates Portal

You can promote your brand’s products and services by having your affiliates signup and login to their affiliate portal.

  • Unlimited Affiliates

You can create as many affiliates as you want without having to pay more for additional affiliates to promote your products.

  • Tracking In Real-Time

Referrals can track sales and clicks of referrals in real-time from their accounts.

  • Automated System

Account logins, affiliate signups, and profile maintenance are automatically handled by the plugin itself.

  • Flat Rate or Percentage Based

You can reward your affiliates a flat rate or a percentage of the sales they generate for your website.

  • Customizable Affiliate Registration

This feature allows you to choose how much affiliate data you want to collect when the affiliates sign up.

2. Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

  • Price: $36 (Single Website)

Ultimate Affiliate Pro is an excellent WordPress affiliate plugin that allows you to manage affiliates and increase the revenue of your website. This plugin has the following features:

  • Unlimited Affiliates

You can have as many affiliates as you want to promote your website’s products and services.

  • Special Offers

Based on the products that are purchased, affiliates can earn different commissions.

  • Lifetime Commissions

Your affiliates can earn commission on future purchases by customers.

  • Reports

You are provided detailed affiliate reports as well as payment statistics.

  • Referral Notification

You can notify your affiliates about any specific referrals by email.

  • Fair Checkout Reward

Customers decide upon which affiliate deserves to be rewarded during the checkout process.

A bundle of great features and an economical price makes Ultimate Affiliate Pro one of the best affiliate WordPress plugin.

3. AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP best wordpress affiliate plugin

  • Price: $99/yr (Personal), $149/yr (Plus), $249/yr (Professional), $499/yr (Ultimate)

AffiliateWP is a great WordPress affiliate program plugin that allows you to create an easy-to-use affiliate program with the proper marketing tools. Some of the plugin’s best features are:

  • Accurate Affiliate Tracking

AffiliateWP brilliantly tracks affiliate referrals, even if it is on servers that have strong caching.

  • Real-Time Reporting

You can keep a real-time track on referrals, earnings, affiliate-referred visits and affiliate registrations without interruptions.

  • Affiliate Coupon Tracking

You can use this feature to connect and track coupon codes to certain affiliate accounts.

  • Manual Affiliate Approval

As the admin, you can moderate affiliate registrations manually.

  • Affiliate Area

This is a dashboard for your affiliates to track their earnings, performance, find creatives and retrieve their referral URL.

  • Referral Link Generator

Affiliates can use the referral link generator built-in with the Affiliate Area to generate their own referral links.

4. Affiliate Royale

Affiliate Royale WordPress Plugin

  • Price: $85 (Merchant), $165 (Developer)

Affiliate Royal is a brilliant WordPress affiliate plugin that allows you to boost the sales of your website, as well as its traffic and visibility. The features that you will find with this plugin are:

  • Personalized Affiliate Dashboard

Once the plugin is installed, you can create a pages for your affiliates to signup and login. In addition, you could manage the affiliates from a management dashboard. Your affiliates can use the dashboard to keep track of their performance, monitor their stats, view their payment history and more.

  • Powerful Admin Panel

Your admin panel enables you to view the stats of your affiliates, keep a list of your top affiliates, clicks and other details.

  • Shopping Cart Integration

You can use the plugin to keep track of various initial and recurring payments from Authorize.Net, PayPal and Cart66.

Although the price is a bit high, but Affiliate Royale holds the status for being one of the best affiliate WordPress plugins.

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5. Affiliates

affiliates plugin for WordPress

  • Price: $59 (Single Site), $99 (Up to 5 Sites), $199 (Up to 25 Sites)

Affiliates is a WordPress affiliate plugin by itthinx. The plugin is ideal for developers and sellers to start their affiliate program right away. Affiliates’ features are:

  • Integrates With Any Ecommerce Platform

Affiliates integrates with any ecommerce or membership system, thanks to the native API.

  • Real-Time Reporting

Affiliates records real-time statistics of affiliate links and referrals.

  • Unlimited Affiliates

You can have as many number of affiliates as you want to promote your products and services.

  • Simple Affiliate Recruiting

Affiliates can automatically sign up as well as be manually added with or without user accounts.

6. Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates program Plugin for WordPress

  • Price: $59/year (1 site license) $99/year (5 site license) $179/year (unlimited license)

Thirsty Affiliates is one of the best WordPress affiliate tools around. If you want seamless affiliate link management on your WordPress website, then this is the tool for your. It allows you to insert links, cloak links and analyse performance of each links on your site.

  • Autolink keyword

The feature automatically links your affiliate link to the keywords your provide.

  • Comprehensive reports

The tool creates detailed charts and reports that includes useful statistics. It also includes email reports to admin.

  • Proactive link fixer

You won’t have to worry about updating your links as the front end link fixed will ensure that your links are up to date.

  • Automatic 404 checker

The 404 checker skims through your website for 404s so that you can change them.

7. WordPress Affiliate & Referral

WordPress Affiliate & Referral Plugin

  • Price: $20

WordPress Affiliate and Referral make managing affiliate links easy as anything. The clean interface puts everything you need in a simple and easy to understand format so that you can analyze links and make decisions.

  • Real-time reporting

Get statistics and analysis in a clean and simple format in real time!

  • Real-time email notifications for affiliates

Notification through email for your affiliates

  • Unlimited referrals, unlimited affiliates

No limit to referrals or affiliates!

  • Custom registration URL option (new)

8. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates (Free)

YITH WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin

While we are talking about WordPress affiliate plugins, it will be unfair not to include one that is dedicated towards WooCommerce. The plugin allows WooCommerce store owners to create affiliate profiles and set up commissions. Most importantly, it’s free!

The plugin saves the affiliate id when a user visits a store with a reference id. It also credits commissions to that id if that visit converts into a purchase.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates stores Refer IDs in user’s cookies. You can change the time for which it will be stored from the admin panel.

The plugin automatically calculates refunds and balance out the affiliate commission in case of refunds.

The plugin also has a pro version that gives additional features like:

  • You can set commission threshold after which payments will be made automatically.
  • The plugin allows setting date and time at which you want to pay your partners
  • Generates advanced reports with critical stats
  • Won’t enable an affiliate user without approval of administrator
  • Can associated orders relating to one specific affiliate partner

9. WP Auto Affiliate Links

WP Auto Affiliate Links Plugin

This free WordPress affiliate plugin automatically add affiliate links to your content. You can either manually set affiliate links and keywords to which they should be applied or you can let the plugin do that for you.

The plugin also gives you the option to make those links dofollow or nofollow links. The plugin allows you to limit the number of links on every article. You can choose between 1 link (lowest) and 5 links (highest).

10. EasyAzon

EasyAzon wordpress affiliate plugin

Price: $47 (multi site use rights) $67 (developer site use rights)

If you are using Amazon affiliate program, then this plugin is a perfect fit for your link management needs. The plugin allows you to add affiliate links directly from your WordPress website.

Link localization directs the user to the regional Amazon store. If a user is coming from the USA, the plugin will direct the user to Amazon USA.The plugin also allows creating image affiliate links, product information blogs, and Amazon.com CTAs.

Some more features of EasyAzon are:

  • Automated affiliate link cloaking
  • Product pop-ups
  • Add to cart functionality
  • Automatic link localization
  • Support for multiple affiliates tracking ID’s


Give your website’s products and services the visibility they need with the above best WordPress affiliate plugins. If there is an affiliate plugin for WordPress that I did not add, let me know in the comments below.

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