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Product Enquiry Pro (QuoteUp) – WooCommerce Quotation Plugin For Your WooCommerce Store

Moeez — October 17, 2017 5 Minutes Read
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The art of selling and buying has evolved over the years. People are now more tech-savvy and have more options of choice and variety with the click of a button or touch of a screen.

Even the selling process has become tech-dependant with the arrival of Analytics, Social Media and Machine Learning.

These technologies facilitate modern marketing techniques like Automated Advertisements, unique to each buyer’s persona.

However, the age-old psychology of a buyer as well as a salesman still exists. Simply put, a salesman wants to sell with profit while a buyer wants to purchase with the best deal available.

Some of the questions that pop up into a buyer’s mind during the selling process are,

  • Do I really need this?
  • Does it come in other variations?
  • Which variation is the best for me?
  • Is this the best (read: least) price of the product?
  • Will I get a discount if I buy multiple products?
  • Will this product be different than what I expect from it?

These are some of the doubts created in a customer’s mind and they all translate into what we call “Buyer’s Fears”, which must be carefully taken care of otherwise you will fail to make a sale.

Even if you sell, it can transform into the buyer regretting his purchase. You will now have a dissatisfied customer who will either return the product or will never purchase from you again.

From Fears to Pet Peeves

In the conventional sales process, when you are face-to-face with the buyer, you can work your charm and pitch accordingly. Each buyer will have unique requirements which you can understand at the moment and try to resolve his fears and make that lucrative sale.

If you are in the e-commerce industry, you lose this advantage. Whenever a customer lands on your website, there will be an array of questions regarding each product that need to be resolved before he finally buys the product.

It can be some minuscule detail about the product which you might have missed, a price negotiation he might want as a loyal customer or a bulk purchase discount.

Your customer might even want to enquire about the availability of an out-of-stock product or some other variant he might be interested in.

It is also possible that if there is a price range on a product, then the customer might be interested in buying the product at a convenient price.

These are just a few out of an ocean of buyer rationalities. Communicating via email is too cumbersome as it results in a cluttered inbox. There is also the possibility that your emails might be identified as spam.

Even phone calls are tardy as they are carrier dependant and you might not be able to answer each and every call.

To address such issues, we scoured for a convenient plugin which would help boost your WooStore sales.

Our Knight in Shining Armor

We finally landed on a funky plugin called Product Enquiry Pro aka QuoteUp. As a customizable request and management system, the plugin helps you with all kinds of quotes and queries and is a useful customer revert tool.

This plugin works seamlessly on your WooCommerce enabled WordPress site and has some smart features we really liked.

Let’s delve into some of its salient features,

Enquiries for Multiple Products

The interface is simple. There are 4 main tabs, namely General, Email, Display and Quotation.

The General settings give you control over the options, including the form and redirect page.

The striking feature is the Multi Product Enquiry and Quote option.

This time-saving feature lets your customers add as many products to their enquiry cart as they want, so they can ask about them all at once, instead of having to do it separately for each product.

Product Enquiry Button

When you are through with tweaking the interface according to your needs and activate the plugin, you now have a button that will appear on your products which you can customize for your own needs.

The button can be modified to appear on the products page and/or the shop page.

Product Page Content Control

Each of the products can be controlled regarding what part of the plugin appears on them. The options for each product are to choose the “Enable Enquiry” Button, the “Show Price” button or the “Show Add to Cart” Button.

This makes the plugin extremely dynamic and customizable. If you just want customers to enquire, you can just show the “Enable Enquiry” button. If you want to show the price of the product, then you can enable that feature and the use cases go on.

Automated alerts and quick inquiry communication

The enquiry form is fully customizable. Once a customer adds his choice of products, there is a form that pops up and upon filing the required details, the enquiry is submitted and he receives a copy of it is as a customer.

The seller receives the enquiry under “Enquiry and Quote Details”. He can reply to this instantly straight from the dashboard.

Every inquiry made is notified via email and stored in a database accessible from your dashboard.

Quote Creation and Management

When you receive an enquiry, you can edit product quantities and prices to generate custom quotes for customers.

A Quote PDF is auto-generated when you create a quote, which you can send to the customer via email to close a sale.

The customer has the option to accept or reject a quote. Quotes that are not accepted can be edited and resent to the customer.

Personalized Enquiry Dialog and Buttons

You can also modify the enquiry button and dialog colors, font colors in accordance with your requirements. There is also an option to add custom CSS.

A Final Note

By responding to customer enquiries, you gain the trust factor advantage. Customer empathy is one of the biggest factors affecting sales.

You also get more insights into your product demands. Then, you can decide which product is moving fast and which needs to be revamped. Even product pricing can be modified to see your sales increase.

If you still cannot get a customer to buy, you have his contact details which becomes a lead for you for future sales.

To address buyer’s fears and queries, Product Enquiry Pro is a good option for your WooStore. It bridges the gap between a conventional store and an e-store. After all, A good salesman closes a sell, while a great salesman opens a relationship.

How did you find our take on Buyer’s Fears and Product Enquiry Pro? If you feel that we left out some types of queries, then do let us know in the comment section below!

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