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How to Optimize Your WordPress Landing Pages for The Holiday Shoppers

Moeez — November 14, 2017 3 Minutes Read
WordPress landing page optimization

The holiday season is one of the most important times of the year for marketers. This is the time when many businesses have their busiest months trading. Mistakes during this period can cost a business dearly. That is why you need to do all that is in your power to make the holiday season pass smoothly.

For marketers and business owners selling services and products, landing pages are crucial! They need to be fast, convey trust and most importantly convert prospects into customers. It’s no easy job achieving this, but here are a few tips to help you succeed this holiday season.

Analyze Past Traffic

You need to analyze your traffic during the past holiday seasons. The more you go back, the better. Use Google Analytics or a similar WordPress plugin for this purpose. That way, you will have a much better insight into the situation and know when to expect the surge peak, average order values, where customers came from, the lag between visit and purchase and so much more.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Your landing page must communicate with your customers the same way your paid ads do. It should remind them of your holiday promotions and offers, making them aware of the fact that there is not much time left until the big day. Christmas is the busiest time for postal services around the world, standard postage isn’t always guaranteed to arrive in time. But, by highlighting your Christmas cut off and any promotion for urgent delivery, you’ll increase your strike rate.

Use Holiday Color Themes and Images

Welcome your shoppers with a special holiday landing page. Use the holiday colors, and add some seasonal images that will create the right ambiance, which will remind the shoppers why they are purchasing your products and help reduce cart abandonment.

Be Relevant

If you are promoting something in your ads, make sure that the landing page delivers that. Whether it is a special offer or just a piece of information, be sure that your ad is in compliance with the page. People want to see messages relevant to what they are searching for. Don’t let them come to your page and see something they didn’t look for, or else they may never return and you’ll be wasting your ad budgets!

Highlight Offers and Promotions

It is proven that your sales will rise if you highlight the biggest promotions, discounts and offers on your landing pages. Make them visible, especially if you are marketing your page through holiday ads. When a visitor comes to your landing page through an ad, he/she probably wants something that was offered in it. Don’t let them slip away because they couldn’t find what they were looking for.

Make a Clear Path to Conversion

Basic, but very important. Don’t make your prospects click too many times to get to what they are looking for. For WooCommerce companies, the standard is one click from your product to an order form. Stick to that, make things easier.

Make Relevant Content Accessible

If you want to help your customers, implement some sort of a gift finder into your landing page. That way, customers will have new ideas for marketing gifts, which is very helpful, especially if they didn’t know what they want. That way, the chance of a purchase will grow rapidly, as will your conversion rate.

Create Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages

A mobile-friendly website is a must these days. All the technology is moving towards mobile; so don’t get stuck in the past. Many customers only use mobile devices and complete purchases through their mobile devices and you cannot afford to ignore mobile.


So now you know that the only way to optimize your landing pages for the holiday season is by following all of the tips laid out in this article. It might seem like a lot of work, but in the end it will surely pay off. If there are other tips you feel that could fit in this article, please share them with me in the comments below.

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