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12 Proven Tips to Increase Traffic on Your WordPress Site

Moeez — June 26, 2017 5 Minutes Read

You have your site up and running but it doesn’t stop there. It needs a certain fuel it keep it alive and running and that fuel is traffic. Traffic is the one thing that keeps your online business afloat and puts bread on the table. And one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site, is with a blog.

By curating attractive content on blog sites, more and more people will be willing to come back to your site. But it doesn’t stop there. You have to find other ways to keep your readers interested in the content that you provide and that’s where this article swoons into action.

I have below for my audience, all of the necessary ingredients on how they can attract juicy WordPress blog traffic for their sites. Be sure to follow each of them with immense passion to cater to your audience/customers.

Install Yoast SEO Plugin

The Yoast SEO plugin is hands down your best SEO solution to bank on. It does much to attract visitors from social media and increase a reader’s engagement. It will help you attach meta tags as well as Facebook OpenGraph, Breadcrumbs, XML Sitemap and Twitter cards among others.

The Yoast SEO metabox allows you to set a focus keyword, which is the keyword that you would like your post or page to rank for. The plugin will then run a check to see how often you have been using that keyword.

Create New Content

This is a big no-brainer as the only way to keep the interest of your readers alive is for you to make something that is fresh but enticing. One of the ways to do this is by increasing the number of pages on your site that can rank according to your keyword terms.

Also, look in places where you can add new blog posts, new category types, or attractive new content like visuals and quizzes so you can target specific keywords.

Use a Professional Blog Design

If you want people to take your site and brand more seriously, you need to give your blog that professional look and feel into it. It helps reinforce your brand, enhance credibility as well as increase leads and sales.

However, you best be careful not to place too many advertisements and non-essential images on your blog design. This is one of the big mistakes that bloggers do. Potential visitors will find this highly bothersome and will bounce from your website as a result. Ensure that your blog design is both beautiful and approachable at that.

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Use the Power of Social Media

How can anyone leave social sharing out of the equation? It is one of the best ways to keep your readers updated on the latest blog posts. But seeing as how tiring it can be to constantly post at different time zones and what not, it would be best for you to use automation tools like the Buffer App or JetPack Publicize.

These tools will automatically schedule your updates and will thus save you a lot of time. Just be sure to add a custom message as well. You can also convince your readers to spread your content with the help of social sharing buttons at the bottom of each post using a WordPress plugin such as ShareThis, Shareaholic, Flare and Pin it! Button.

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Build Your Email List

It is found that more than 75% of your readers who visit your site will never see it again. This is especially if you’re only starting out. That is why the first thing you should do is to build an email list. Emails give you direct access to your readers and it is a more effective marketing tool than anything else today.

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Optimize Old Content

Evergreen content never goes stale as it is one of the pieces that got your brand the recognition it needed in the first place. Recycling old content for newer audiences or people who missed your content is the great way to reintroduce yourself to the world.

Honor Internal Linking

This is pretty much the previous step, but this going from your present blog post to a previous one. This is done to give your audience the right reference to the content that you are putting up. Internal linking helps search engines understand the importance of your posts by relating to other posts on your site. This gives you the extra SEO boost you need.

Make Friends With SEO

You need search engines to rank your site properly so they can crawl and index your content. In other words, you need to optimize your site better so that users can find your site in search engines results as soon as they hit ‘Enter’. Using the right keywords is a great tactic to employ.

If you use the proper keyword, you will get the right amount of traffic. And how do you do that? With the aid of Google AdWords Keyword Planner of course. Google AdWords Keyword Planner helps you determine the search volume of a particular keyword and then generates more keyword ideas.

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Ensure Your Site is Fast

If your website fails to load fast, it will cause a large chunk of your audience to bounce. You have to ensure that the loading time of your web page, including your landing page, is quick and painless. If you take care of this problems, your site’s search engine rankings will improve by a mile.

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Use Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs in this context are links that are found at the top of your site pages. These links show your current location and also allows you to track previous pages that you have already gone through. If used right, you could be giving your visitors and search engines plenty of leeway.

In fact, Google has been using it to enhance their user experience. Having breadcrumbs on your blog will make it easier for search engines to understand the structure of your site.

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Become a Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is yet another magnificent feat to invite traffic over to your site. It is when you post on other blog sites to get the attention of the readers over there over to your blog. But you have to ensure that you guest post on blogs that are relevant to your own. Also, ensure that the site you write for provides quality content.

Use Rich Snippets in WordPress

Rich snippets add plenty of useful metadata to your blog posts. The search engines can use this data to display your site differently in search results. This will help boost search traffic to your site.

Wrapping It Up!

Well I think that about puts an end to all of what I think are the best bits to help you bolster your WordPress blog traffic. Your days as a rookie blogger are about to be history. Should you feel the need to contribute more to this list, feel free to give me a shout in the comments below.

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