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18 Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins For Website Navigations in 2020

Moeez — March 4, 2020 9 Minutes Read
WordPress mega menu Plugins

Menus help categorize other pages and sections of a WordPress site. But you can make them even better with the help of mega menu WordPress plugins. Mega menus allow you to create categories, subcategories and other options to make browsing around the site easier.

Advantages of Mega Menu 

There has been a never ending debate on whether one should use mega menu plugins or not. In 2009 Jakob Nielsen argued that mega menus can enhance user experience of a website IF they are done right. They do have a few advantages over traditional menus so let’s check them out first. 

1. Helps in Organizing Navigation:

  • One of the advantages of Mega Menu is that it organizes your menus that results in a cleaner navigation bar. For example your blog has certain categories that can be segregated into one single category.
  • Rather than displaying 10 different categories on your navigation bar, you can declutter that section by using Mega Menu and displaying them as a subsection of the drop down menu. 

2. Accommodate Icons:

  • Mega menus allow users to place small images and icons that resonates with the menu so that the visitor is informed what type of content will he be able to see through that menu.
  • This prevents visitors from wandering around your website to search for their desired content.

Disadvantages of Mega Menu

While there are advantages of mega menu, I can’t help but think of the possible side effects of this strategy. 

1. Cluttered Menu:

  • While mega menu declutters your navigation, it can certainly clutter your drop down menu. Since you are tempted to put every other link in a mega menu, you do.
  • This results in an information overload and makes it difficult for visitors to find the desired menu.
  • It can also get distracting for the visitors and they might feel agitated and leave your site in frustration. 
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Since the drop down menu in mega menu is quite significant as compared to a traditional menu, it is often not compatible with different screen sizes.
  • Longer and broader drop down menus are not exactly made to fit a smaller screen size which results in a broken design and a poor user experience. Not only do they not fit, they also become nonfunctional on different screen sizes.

1. Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu WordPress Plugin

Max Mega Menu will turn all of your site’s menus into a mega menu. You can add any WordPress widget to your menu and use a theme editor to restyle your menu. You can also change the behavior of your menu with built-in settings.

Features That Makes Max Mega Menu Plugin a Great Choice:

  • Drag and Drop Mega Menu builder
  • Display WordPress Widgets in your menu
  • Various menu transitions
  • Hover, Hover Intent or Click event to open sub menus
  • Menu item options including Hide Text, Disable Link, Hide on Mobile etc.
  • Custom Item Styling
  • Vertical & Accordion Menus
  • FontAwesome, Genericon & Custom Icons

2. AP Mega Menu

AP Mega Menu WordPress Plugin

Using AP Mega Menu, you can add several widgets column wise, configure them and create a great vertical and horizontal mega menu. It supports Flyout submenu styles, in which you can create a mega menu easily by drag and drop.

Features That Makes AP Mega Menu Plugin a Great Choice:

  • Supports Flyout or Mega Menu sub-menu styles
  • Mega Menu/Flyout 8 Pre Available Skins or Custom Template Designs
  • Widgetized Mega Menu with Visual Builder Drag and Drop Position Method
  • Fade or Slide transitions
  • Free AP Mega Menu Contact Info Widget Added.
  • Horizontal Mega Menu position features such as Full-width, Center, Left Edge, Right-edge.
  • Menu Icon Settings with 300+ FontAwesome, 160+ Genericon and 100+ Dashicons available.
  • Language Translation Ready

3. Side Menu

Side Menu WordPress Plugin

Side Menu lets you create vertical slideout menu buttons. You can direct users wherever you want by inserting your links. You can also show modal windows on click to give users extra content and functionality.

Features That Makes Side Menu Plugin a Great Choice:

  • Choose color for buttons
  • Customize the style of the menu buttons
  • Unlimited amount of menus
  • Built-in user links: LogIn, LogOut, Register, Lostpassword
  • Show menu depending on language (allows creating multi-language)
  • Customize the style of the menu buttons
  • Align menu: Top, Center, Bottom

4. WP Mega Menu

WP Mega Menu wordpress plugin

WP Mega Menu is a Free responsive mega menu builder plugin for WordPress. You can create stunning mega menus having widgets, links, badges, images, tabs, and more. WP Mega Menu is a revolutionary drag-and-drop menu builder. Adding rows, customizing columns, and relocating the menu items can be done smoothly with it. WP Mega Menu lets you display eye-catching icons and buttons with menu items. The plugin has the ability to boost your sales tremendously by showcasing products right on the site’s menu bar.

Features That Makes WP Mega Menu Plugin a Great Choice:

  • Drag and drop responsive menu builder
  • Widgets in menu items
  • Multiple menu themes
  • Export/import menu themes
  • Add logo, social icons, and search bar to menus
  • Menu labelling/badge, ex: hot, new, etc.
  • Font Awesome and Dashicons icon support
  • Mobile menu support
  • Menu background image
  • Unlimited colors
  • Google Fonts
  • Unlimited options

Building menus with WP Mega Menu is absolutely fun. Create a menu theme, customize the menu theme, activate the menu location, and apply it to a menu. There are lots of customization options to shape your imagination.

5. WP Mega Menu Pro

WP Mega Menu Pro Plugin

WP Mega Menu Pro is the pro version of the famous WP Mega Menu plugin. It comes with a lot of added features in just $19 and is available to download on Codecanyon. The mega menu plugin lets users create and customize menus on their WordPress website. 

Features That Makes WP Mega Menu Pro a Great Choice:

  • 10 predesigned templates 
  • 5 new tab designs 
  • Horizontal and vertical mega menu 
  • Widgetized mega menu
  • No coding skills needed

6. MDF Mega Menu

MDF Mega Menu wordpress plugin

A very easy to use WordPress mega menu plugin, MDF Mega Menu provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily create menus on their website.

It offers different widths so that you can have menus that fit your website. You can also use animation for your menus with 20 different options available for that feature.

Features That Makes MDF Mega Menu Plugin a Great Choice:

  • 20 animation options for mega menus
  • Static menus
  • Fixed menus
  • Sticky menus
  • Trigger mega menu with click or mouse hover
  • Add customer content to your menu with WordPress editor
  • Simple assembly process
  • Highly responsive

7. Hero Menu

Hero Menu Mega navigation Plugin

Hero Menu has a fast and user-friendly interface. You can add and drop various items for products, categories, contact, and subcategories among others.

Features That Makes Hero Mega Menu Plugin a Great Choice:

  • Drag and drop menu structure builder
  • Easy mega menu builder
  • 270 icons by Elegant Themes
  • Sticky menu

8. UberMenu

UberMenu WordPress mega menu plugin

UberMenu is a great responsive WordPress mega menu plugin that will help your site stand out more. Its features include:

  • Custom Content & Widgets
  • Create beautiful menu layouts
  • Automatic Item Generation
  • Tabbed Submenus
  • Enhanced Item Settings UI

9. Wow Side Menu

Side Menu Pro Plugin For WordPress

After installing Wow Side Menu, you can improve every piece of content that has important information. It is compatible with Modal Windows, which allows dialog and modal windows in the side panels of the site, making the user experience more friendly.

The Floating menu can be used along with Modal Windows to show all types of notifications. You can assign a sidebar as part of the site’s navigation using anchor links.

10. Sky Mega Menu

Sky Mega Menu Plugin

Sky Mega Menu is another good-looking and clean mega menu plugin that comes with a bunch of features like:

  • Unlimited Number of Levels
  • Beautiful CSS3 Animations
  • 361 Vector Icons

11. NOO Menu

NOO Menu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

NOO Menu is an amazing mega menu plugin in which anything can be customized in an interactive admin interface.

Its features include:

  • Real-time preview in backend
  • 12 column grid
  • 9 Preset Styles and continue adding
  • Unlimited Saved Styles

12. Superfly

Superfly WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Superfly is a multipurpose WordPress mega menu plugin. It allows users to make full-screen menu, icon toolbar, and vertical push/sliding/static navigation.

Features That Makes Superfly Mega Menu Plugin a Great Choice:

  • Trigger settings
  • Various menu modes
  • Rich elements
  • Smooth scroll
  • Rich menu button settings

13. Mega Main Menu

Mega Main Menu WordPress plugin

Mega Main Menu is very simple to use and yet it is very effective. It has become quite popular in the WordPress community because of its amazing features.

Features That Makes Mega Main Menu Plugin a Great Choice:

  • 10+ Dropdown
  • Unlimited colors
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • 1600+ Vector Icons
  • WPML compatible
  • Amazing support

14. Flexible Mega Menu

Flexible Mega Menu WordPress Plugin

Flexible Mega Menu is a highly responsive WordPress mega menu plugin. It offers more than 300 ready to use styling options so that you can give your website a fresh look. The plugin is great for creating sticky headers on your website. The headers will stick to the top while you are scrolling down your website.

Features That Makes Flexible Mega Menu Plugin a Great Choice:

  • Configure the content and styling of any navigation menu, including widgets navigation menus
  • Menu styles and items settings editors, developed using the latest WordPress features
  • Compatible with WordPress Customizer
  • Multi-menu support
  • Translation ready
  • Cross-browser

15. WP Floating Menu Pro

WP Floating Menu Pro WordPress Plugin

WP Floating Menu Pro comes with powerful customization features that include custom layout design options that will make your menus look at their best. You can create amazing sticky menus that will stick to the header as your users are scrolling down your website.

Features That Makes WP Floating Menu Pro Plugin a Great Choice:

  • 13 template layouts
  • Unlimited number of menus
  • Page-wise configurable menu
  • Responsive to different screen sizes
  • Sortable menu option
  • 7 different menu bar positions

16. Quadmenu

quadmenu wordpress mega menu plugin

Quadmenu is a great WordPress mega menu plugin that is designed for both beginner users and developers. The plugin comes with a drag and drop functionality that lets users easily create their mega menus without any programming skills. In only $20 you can get this amazing mega menu plugin from Codecanyon. 

Features That Makes Quadmenu Plugin a Great Choice:

  • Drag and drop builder
  • Support for multiple menu locations 
  • Customizable menus 
  • Sticky menu 
  • Comes with Google fonts

17. Morph

Morph Mega menu WordPress Plugin

Morph is a highly customizable WordPress mega menu plugin. It is also highly responsive as it works seamlessly with desktop, mobile, and tablets. Morph is extremely user-friendly. The plugin gives you full control of all the elements of your website’s menus.

Features That Makes Morph Mega Menu Plugin a Great Choice:

  • Multi-level accordion menu and widgets
  • 70+ customizable settings Super clean, beautifully animated design
  • Highly customizable
  • Morph uses the built-in WordPress menu builder and customization tools, making the plugin lightweight and allows you to use tools already
  • familiar to you
  • Slide in the menu from either left or right side
  • Choose from multiple menu button styles and animations
  • Add a label to the menu button

18. Toggle Menu 


Toggle Menu is one of the most popular WordPress mega menu plugin that is lightweight with a clean design and user friendly. In just $24, you can download this great mega menu plugin directly from Codecanyon. 

Features That Makes Toggle Mega Menu Plugin a Great Choice:

  • Mobile menu 
  • Lightweight and fast 
  • Regularly updated for compatibility 
  • Compatible with any theme


The menu of your WordPress site will stand out in terms of unique functions and appearance with the help of the mentioned WordPress mega menu plugins. Not only on the desktop, but also for mobile app navigation, it can help if you can use a suitable plugin. If you think you can contribute to the list, do let me know down in the comments.

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