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WordPress Weekly News #003: WordPress Gains Obama’s Trust and much more

Moeez — January 26, 2017 2 Minutes Read

The past week saw a series of interesting things happening in the world of WordPress that you should definitely know about—and that is exactly why I am here.

WordPress has gained the trust of the 43rd and 44th president of US, WordPress stops scheduled updates and more on WordPress V Wix in this week’s roundup.


Obama Uses WordPress!

Yes everyone, the Obama Foundation has launched a new website that’s made on WordPress. The website collects feedback from visitors on how to make the foundation even better through Typeform.

Obama Uses WordPress

Blue State Digital, a digital strategy and technology firm, created the website. It seems Barack Obama is the first US President to use WordPress for his post-presidential work.

No More Scheduled Releases For WordPress

WordPress developers will not get a fixed date of release.

The releases will be announced as and when they are completely ready. It’s feels like 2013 all over again.

Matt Mullenweg, in his 10th State of the Word address, announced that scheduled releases will no longer be continued.

Mullenweg also spoke about the Customizer. Being the best editing and publishing software, WordPress must have the easiest interface when it comes to that, claimed the founding developer.

WordPress Named Top Most Trusted Brand Along With Google And Amazon

According to data released by Alignable, small businesses put their trust in companies dealing with printing, productivity, and payment methods. A major reason for this being the free services that WordPress and Google provides that are very popular among small businesses.

Yelp, Web.com, and Craigslist are among the some that are hated by these local business owners.

WordPress SAGA Continues..

Since October of 2016, we have been hearing a lot about the drama involving WordPress and Wix. Recently Wix announced that it has removed GPL license for its mobile app. Earlier, Matt Mullenweg accused Wix of copying their code and not giving credit.

It seems like Wix wants to put the entire story to bed and has taken the final step to end the controversy.

That is all from this week’s roundup. If you have some more interesting news from the world of WordPress, do mention it in the comments. See you all next week!

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