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WordPress Weekly News 040: Patreon Now Support WordPress, WP Engine’s Digital Experience Platform and more!

Moeez — October 26, 2017 2 Minutes Read

Patreon adds support for WordPress, WP Engine introduces WordPress digital experience platform and much more to talk about in this week’s WordPress Weekly News.

Patreon Adds Support For WordPress

Patreon, a platform that lets Stripe users receive money directly from their fans, has introduced its compatibility with WordPress. The compatibility will make it more convenient for users to generate money across the web.

Through the new App Directory, users will now be able to combine their various platforms and communities into one membership business. Users can earn money through their WordPress website, include membership options via MailChimp and create chat rooms using Discord.

The Developers Portal will provide its API to third-party developers. They can build new tools for the community and get in touch with the creators through the discussion forum.

WP Engine Introduces First of It’s Kind WordPress Digital Experience Platform

WP Engine, a leading WordPress hosting provider, has launched its WordPress Digital Experience Platform. The service provides superior performance, intelligence, and agility that is needed to run a successful business.

Features of WordPress Digital Experience Platform:

Creative Agility: The developer tools combined with a flexible environment allows users to integrate their vision with WP Engine’s WordPress Digital Experience Platform.

Enterprise Performance: Enhances user experience through higher speed, security, scalability, and availability.

Actionable Intelligence: Users can now fetch critical data to analyze better business opportunities.

WordPress 4.9 to Introduce Shortcodes in Text Widgets

8 years ago, a ticket was launched by a user requesting shortcodes in text widgets. Today it was revealed that WordPress 4.9 will introduce shortcodes in the text widgets. This means that users won’t need any additional code from plugins and themes.

Weston Ruter explained why there was such a delay in implementing the feature:

“One reason for the long delay with adding shortcode support in Text widgets was due to many shortcodes looking for a global $post when they run. Since the global $post varies depending on whatever the query is, the shortcodes in a Text widget could render wildly different on different templates of a site. The solution worked out was to temporarily nullify the global $post before doing the shortcodes so that they will consistently have the same global state, with this global $post then restored after the shortcodes are done.”

In addition, a new “add media” button will allow users to easily insert images, audio, galleries, and videos in their widget.

The Week’s Best Tutorial & Tips

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That’s all from this week’s WordPress Weekly News. If you have some exciting WordPress news, do share it in the comments below.

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