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7 Tips for Increasing Your WordPress Blog Speed in 2020

Moeez — January 6, 2019 4 Minutes Read
increase wordpress speed

WordPress is currently the most popular platform used by companies who want to create a quick and effective blog for their website. However, simply setting up a WordPress site and letting it run isn’t enough to make sure that you’re giving your customers the best possible online experience.

According to research by the Aberdeen Group, increasing your WordPress site for speed is key to getting the best results from your online efforts. Even something as small as a one-second delay in your page loading times could make you lose your views and customers. In fact, one second of slowness could result in a 7% decrease in conversions, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 11% fewer views on your pages.

So the question is, how can you increase the speed of your WordPress blog quickly and effectively to boost conversion rates? Here are some of the website speed optimization tips to increase WordPress speed.

1. Start by Finding the Right Host

Ultimately, you can have the best, most impressive looking WordPress website in the world, but if it’s never going to be fast, then you should pick a better WordPress host. Using the right hosting plan can have a huge impact on your loading speed. This is why a lot of companies consider using a VPS or dedicated hosting when their traffic continues to increase.

Make sure that you choose a web hosting plan that’s perfectly suited for your business. For instance, if you run a website that features secured data transmission – such as an eCommerce site, then you’re going to need dedicated hosting to keep everything running smoothly. It might be more expensive, to begin with, but it’s crucial for the sake of giving your customers the experience they deserve.

To speed up a WordPress website, you must have a web host that is reliable with maximum

2. Keep Yourself Up-to-Date

WordPress frequently updates its technology and plugins to make sure that users are getting the best possible experience out of the platform. Unfortunately, it’s easy to simply ignore these updates – particularly if you don’t spend a lot of time checking your email or upgrading your WordPress blog.

Making sure that your WordPress site is always up to date with the latest version can not only help it to load faster, but it could also mean that you’re less vulnerable to cyber-attacks and security problems too. After all, the two main things that updates address are often website speed optimization issues, and holes in defense strategies.

3. Reduce Your HTTP Requests

Approximately 80% of your page-loading times will be spent downloading the various elements within your pages, such as images, scripts, and stylesheets. An HTTP request will be made for each of these elements, so it makes sense that the fewer requests your website has to make, the faster your pages will load. So, how can you minimize your HTTP requests?

· Place your scripts at the bottom of your pages.
· Make sure you use CSS instead of images
· Streamline your elements on each page
· Think about combining multiple style-sheets into one

This is one of the best speed optimization tips to increase WordPress speed.

4. Allow for Compression Wherever You Can

One thing you’ll quickly learn when you’re running a WordPress blog is that high-quality content is key to success. Unfortunately, this content can be very heavy, which often means that it weighs your web pages down and makes them slower to load. Since you can’t compromise on the quality that your website offers, the next best thing is to simply compress that content to permit faster loading.

Using a simple compression software can help to reduce the HTTP response and bandwidth of your WordPress pages so that they begin to load instantly faster. Compressed images will speed up WordPress website and improve conversions.

5. Keep your Images Optimized

Images are an important way of ensuring that your website is as engaging as possible. However, there are things to consider if you want to help them load as quickly as possible. Use image editing tools to reduce the size of your images, avoid any unnecessary empty SRC codes, and improve the overall performance of your visuals. Not only that, it will dramatically speedup your WordPress site.

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6. Start Caching

Using a cache plugin helps speed up the performance of your WordPress blog in no time. Caching on a website simply means that the information, data, and images on your site are stored in a specific location, so that your visitors won’t have to request data from your server every time they arrive on your website.

Caching reduces loading time drastically because it means that visitors don’t have to load everything from scratch every time, allowing information to appear faster on a screen.

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7. Try a CDN

Finally, a CDN or a content delivery network can distribute your website files across a range of different servers. Since your static files are duplicated in locations around the globe, this makes it easier for you to transfer data to customers regardless of where they are. Many WordPress speed optimization experts highly recommend installing a CDN.

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I hope that I have provided enough information to help developing bloggers to increase their WordPress blog speed. In addition to a fast-loading blog site, Google will happily crawl your site and boost drive traffic to your site. If there are other tips that I haven’t mentioned in this article, please let me know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Speed Up WordPress?

Here are some tips to speed up your WordPress website.

  • Install a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Reduce image sizes to improve load times
  • Install a cache plugin
  • Remove unnecessary plugins
  • Enable image compression

Q2. How to increase WordPress speed and performance

You can increase WordPress speed and performance by optimizing images on your website, installing cache plugins, hosting your site on the fastest WordPress hosting, and themes that load faster. Here are some of the fastest WordPress themes.


The Core
Parallax Pro

Q3. How to test increase of WordPress speed?

You can test your WordPress website speed through these tools:

  • Pingdom Website Speed Test
  • Google PageSpeed Insight
  • YSlow
  • GTMertix
  • WebPage Test

Q4. What is a caching plugin?

A cache plugin stores all the static data from your website so that when a user visits a website again, it loads faster. It uses that data whenever the request is sent by the user for your website.

W3 Total Cache 4.3 / 5 1+million
WP Fastest Cache 4.8 / 5 400,000+
WP Rocket N/A 300,000+
Hummingbird 3.9 / 5 10,000+

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