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Latest Ecommerce Trends to Follow For Boosting Your Sales (2019)

Moeez — December 29, 2018 8 Minutes Read

Ecommerce is the new way of buying things. Whatever you’d want to buy, can now be bought through your very own smartphone through a dedicated application. It is easy, convenient and intuitive.

Ecommerce has evolved to a large degree. In ways, we only thought it would, but even more so, everything is made convenient to a point when going to a shopping mall now seems like a Sunday activity for family and with friends. Shaping the world, ecommerce trends have changed too and for the year of 2019, we have managed to compile some of the best trends ecommerce business owners can use to see more conversions and provide better user experiences.

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A Virtual Assistant

First on the list of the latest ecommerce trends is incorporating a virtual assistant for your ecommerce store is a great way of identifying common issues and helping your customers voice their issues as well. A virtual assistant is a chatbot that performs certain tasks by answering to the most common issues being faced by customers.

The most common issues like an order not being processed or something like a delivery address change can all be answered by setting up pre-defined answers to keywords associated with the questions themselves.

This helps answer queries quickly while saving time and also gives a better overall impression to the customers.

A Mobile Application

Giving your customers the convenience of managing, buying and trading things on their phone is one of the most important ecommerce trends ever. For any ecommerce owner, giving customers the ease of buying goods on their smartphones is mandatory if they want to have a chance of standing head to head with their competition.

Nowadays, almost every major ecommerce business comes with their dedicated application because of solid reasons; convenience being given to customers. Being on the move while buying goods is considered a pillar if being a part of the ecommerce landscape is needed.

According to Searchengineland, nearly 60 percent of the total searches are being done through smartphones and it is even more convincing knowing more and more products are being researched and bought through smartphones than through PCs.

Better Visuals

Amending and paying attention to minor details goes a long way in understanding and helping provide a better user experience to your customers. One of the most important trends in ecommerce, which sadly, is often overlooked by ecommerce owners is to provide good quality images for their products.

providing multiple high quality images from as many angles as possible helps make better buying decisions for customers. Say for example, a customer wants to buy a case for their smartphone but there is just one image that shows the case without the phone. That customer would want to see more images of the case from different angles which would help visualize how the customer’s phone would look being in that case. If there are no more images, the customer would end up not buying the product, or worse, look at competitors who have used high quality images that are small in size but from different angles.

Creating better visuals is one of latest ecommerce trends for not even 2019, but even 2019 because of the significance of adding proper images for customers. If customers cannot see it, they won’t need it either.

More Payment Methods

Ecommerce business owners need to reach out to a worldwide audience after they have established themselves. That same analogy is true for offering multiple ways of making payments. Nowadays, with ecommerce spreading like wildfire, more and more people are using cashless payment methods to make things easier and convenient for them.

Offering multiple ways of payments is essential for the growth of your ecommerce business because diversity helps to scale. Say a customer from Europe finds it easier to make payments through their credit card but another customer wants to pay through the popular online payment method called PayPal is not being offered that service, business owners would lose that customer. There are many cases where multiple ways of payment are accepted and not catering to those methods can destroy an ecommerce store’s reputation.

Nowadays, most ecommerce business owners offer a variety of payment methods and this integration has managed to show great strides in the ability to make conversions. Catering to multiple payment methods happens to be one of the latest ecommerce trends for 2019.

Videos & Carousels

A trend that is often ignored by ecommerce business owners. Putting up and showcasing small videos with product demonstrations is a rare thing, but the businesses that have taken upon themselves to do it, have seen lots of success with their conversions.

A play button is enticing to say the least, even on popular websites like AliExpress, sellers have put up small videos as part of a carousel that helps the customer see the product and how it works. Seeing how a product works in real time is something that is not only convincing for the customer, but also helps them make educated purchases which in turn, promotes loyalty for ecommerce stores.

Adding Videos for promoting productivity is one of the latest ecommerce trends out there, and its integration in carousels and galleries helps add an extra layer of confidence with the product. You will see a good number of visits to your ad if you include a 10 second demonstration videos for every product you are offering.

Hassle Free & Fast Shipping

Offering a hassle free feature to get products shipped quickly is one of the best trends to grace the ecommerce landscape. Deliveries are a need, and the quicker the better because that gives more and more opportunities to customers for going onto their next purchase.

Offering quick and easy shipping solutions helps build customer loyalty and not keep them anticipating when or if at all, their product would arrive. Offering fast or even free shipping helps generate more sales where people are most oftenly inclined towards buying more and more things.

What’s more is that in the year 2019, ecommerce businesses would be offering faster and more convenient ways of getting products shipped to customers so they are ahead. If you’re an ecommerce business owner, you should look into this and offer the flexibility that is needed by your customers.

Customer Handling Done Right

Having an agile customer service representative might seem like a trend from the early 2000’s. But on the contrary, it is often ignored in the quest of making conversions sooner than soon. It is no secret that when a customer buys something online, they need assurance that their product is genuine and that it has been delivered. More so, their credit card information is being handled by someone they haven’t seen or heard off.

To counter this, ecommerce owners must have ready staff available 24/7 in order to cater to any sort of questions regarding their business and the products they are offering for sale. That same method also applies to every service that is being offered because when customers need help, they do tend to become agitated when their queries are not dealt with as early as possible.

If those queries are not answered, ecommerce business owners end losing a large chunk of customers who might be loyal enough to settle for their store only. This makes customer handling one of the most important and latest ecommerce trends in 2019.

Quicker Checkouts

Retaining customers are a blessing and this seems to itself be an upcoming ecommerce trend for the year 2019. For significant reasons, one of which is loyalty, needs to be explored and will soon be a more relevant aspect of the ecommerce landscape.

Loyalty is a blessing in disguise, while many ecommerce owners are in need of sales, they end up sacrificing quality with quantity. Sure, for sometime this might work in bringing your site’s popularity up, but will end up causing issues with your business’s credibility. When a customer comes into your shop, they want rapid checkouts instead of page after page, verification procedures. Quicker and One Step Checkouts can be integrated for both existing and newer customers too because that would give rise to more conversions.

Done with authority for existing customers, they would be given more priority in addition to promotions that would be availed in an instant, helping them share their experience and for them to keep coming back as a returning customer. Giving discounts through promotions and putting up suggestive products based on their search interests will work wonders for businesses in 2019 and onwards.

Offers, Discounts & Promotions

Price hikes are common, but making sure you are promoting your products keeps building anticipation for potential customers from going elsewhere for the same product or a service. Giving offers and discounts helps lure customers to make purchases and suggest others to do the same.

This works like a double edged sword for ecommerce business owners and has seen a rapid climb in the year 2019. If you check out the best stores online, you would see multiple products being offered for either a sale, a discount a buy 1 get 1 free offers to be competitive with other store owners.

Being one of the latest ecommerce trends of 2019, this helps create more and more opportunities for purchasing multiple products but of course, the cost needs to be addressed in clever and creative ways that it gets the job done without compromising on quality. Sooner or later, when stores start giving such offers, discounts and put products on promotions, customers would question their legitimacy and even their credibility so this tactic must be used with responsibility and be ready for the accountability, in case things do not work out.

Social Media

Last but not least, being alive on social media is essential for every ecommerce business. It is noted nowadays more and more products are alive and engaging with customers on social media. What’s more is that more and more payment gateways would be integrated into popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others to make buying seamless.

Engaging with customers and offering discounts on social media through interactive posts and competitions is the new thing in getting more and more chances of conversions and also makes sure that the brand is offering loyalty.

Once customers start sharing what they have experienced through social media, you can offer many more benefits to those who would participate through competitions by offering small gifts or discount tokens. What’s more is that social media is the biggest tool in terms of spreading news about new product offerings and discounts that could end up playing a very big role in scaling your business. Insights, research and target audience would be at your fingertips when it comes to social media for your ecommerce business. This being one of the latest ecommerce trend is sure to gain more and more traction throughout the years, even ahead of 2019.

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In the End

In the end, more and more services and product friendly offers are coming up but to make things simple, knowing the above ecommerce trends is easy but takes some effort when it comes to satisfying the growing needs of the people who want to make buying decisions on their smartphones.

If you think you know of a trend that makes headlines in the year 2019, please comment down below and we will respond back asap.

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