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WordPress Contact Forms: Why Do You Absolutely Need One On Your Website

Moeez — September 28, 2017 4 Minutes Read

If you’re not using WordPress contact forms in this time and age, then you’re missing out on the most important pillar of success for any website; ENGAGEMENT. Whether you own a blog, an ecommerce store or a business site, contact forms help you develop a two-way communication between you and your visitors.

In this article, I will highlight the importance of having WordPress contact forms on your website. If you already have a contact form and you’re not seeing the desired results, check out these tips to make exceptional contact forms.

Let’s begin!

Gather feedback

If you’re an amateur blogger and you’re trying to break through the noise, you would want your readers to provide you with constant feedback. The WordPress community is very engaging and they do not hesitate in expressing their thoughts. Your visitors would want to point out mistakes or improvements and the best way to do that is with a WordPress contact form.

Therefore, a WordPress contact form is a very effective way to get positive feedback that can help you improve and become a successful blogger.

You Can Filter Spam!

Let’s say you want to engage with your audience but you don’t have a contact form. Naturally, you would have your email address written somewhere on the website. This technique is an open invitation to spammers to spam your inbox with irrelevant emails.

A spammer can simply copy your email address and send it to a number of spammers. Soon you will be spending your nights sorting through your emails.

A contact form attracts only relevant users who would want to get in touch with you for a genuine reason.

Contact Forms Will Save You Time

Now that you have filtered all your spam emails, you will be able to quickly reply to all your genuine emails. Also, WordPress contact forms allow you to manage all your responses from the same place. This makes it easier to navigate and get back to your visitors.

Contact forms are not a convenience for your visitors but also for you. You can save a lot of time and energy in managing your responses.

Contact Forms Are Multifunctional

Contact forms can serve a number of purposes. Of course, all those purposes involve having a two-way communication. You can use contact forms for feedback, support queries, business proposal, sales query, and so much more with just a simple form that is accessible to your visitor.

Whether you want to provide your visitors with a support platform or just want them to speak their heart out to you, contact forms are a much better solution than email.

Great Tool For Networking

With contact forms, you are not only providing a platform to your visitors to get in touch with you, you are also building a network of people that have similar interests and can benefit you in the long-run.

Since you are receiving a number of emails on various topics, you can identify a sender as a potential business opportunity and get in touch with him on a more personal level.

Since contact forms look more professional, potential business partners will find it more appealing to contact you through a contact form rather than an email address.

You can also integrate your contact form with different emailing services like Mailchimp or Mailpoet. This will make it easier for you to make various contact lists of people with various purposes.

Lowers Bounce Rate

I am sure you are using Google Analytics to keep track of your traffic. Bounce rate increases when your visitors leave your website without visiting another page. This means that visitors who find nothing interesting on your website increases your bounce rate.

A contact form gives out a good vibe to your visitors. If you do not have a contact form on your website, the visitor will either exit your website because he would feel discouraged about contacting you or he would copy the email address in the email composer and will exit your website.

This will increase your bounce rate and will affect your Google ranking.

Better Conversion

Having contact forms not only improves your bounce rate, it also increases your conversions. Contact form keeps your visitors on your website long enough for them to familiarize and explore. Adding a contact form right where the visitors are coming will increase your conversions. You will see that people who were just leaving your website after a short time are now talking. Contact forms invite visitors to talk.

Forms Are Trackable

Google Analytics lets you set “Goals” that you want your visitors to complete. You can set “Conversion Goals” to contact forms and track how many users are visiting your contact page and how many of them are filling the form. You can also track the exact page your visitors are coming from to your contact forms. This allows you to monitor your marketing efforts and how you can improve them.

It’s Actually Bad Not Having Them

Contact forms are now becoming a normality and users will feel that your website is unprofessional or incomplete if you don’t have one. Some users might spend some time searching for a contact form on your website while many will just bounce. A potential customer might not return to your website since they judged it for not having a form.

Also, having a contact form on your website is not enough. Your contact form must be easily accessible to your visitors. Having your contact forms placed at the right place on your website is as important as having one in the first place.

So, I hope you are now convinced that the importance of WordPress contact forms shouldn’t be underestimated. The next step should be to select a contact form plugin that suits your site. Here is a list of contact form plugins that you might like.

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